Saturday, September 15, 2012

International Tractor Co., Inc. Worldwide

International Tractor Co,. Inc. buys all sorts of heavy equipment for their clients worldwide. The president of International Tractor Co., Inc is the visionary Eilat Lev. He has been the president since 1991  where ITC capitalizes with their own team experience, buys with new and used construction machinery which they then trade worldwide. ITC has a sales team that has over 40 years of cumulative experience in the industry. With this much experience, it is no wonder ITC is the #1 heavy equipment company around.

Here are just a few of the heavy equipment products they buy: attachments and components, air compressors, cranes, dozers, forklifts and a lot more heavy equipment. Other heavy equipment ITC buys include the import and export of major brand names such as: Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Volvo, Dynapac, Bomag, Terex, Hamm, Kobelco, JCB, and Ingersoll-Rand as well as additional lines from smaller manufacturers.

ITC will provide their clients with an array of services such as: purchases, evaluations, inspection and shipping to and from a variety of worldwide destinations. ITC also handles logistics to necessary for import and export documentation and terms of payment. This including Irrevocable Letters of Credit and foreign exchange.

Throughout the years, ITC have completed transaction in more than 90 countries all over the globe. ITC is also well experienced in all international markets regarding heavy construction machinery. There is also a guarantee from ITC that they can locate a wide variety of machinery at your price range and region.

As if 2007, the sales have gone over 3.5 billion and climbing. Right now, ITC buys a lot of used trucks and equipment than any other heavy equipment company in the world.

If you are wondering where ITC buys their heavy equipment products to, they buy to the Richie Bros. Co. Auctioneers  who has been in business since 1958. Over the past 50 years, the Richie Bros. Corp developed a unique business model like no other. At Richie Bros., they use an unreserved public auction which creates the global marketplace for their clients.

Throughout the years, ITC have completed transaction in more than 90 countries all over the globe. ITC is also well experienced in all international markets regarding heavy construction machinery. There is also a guarantee from ITC that they can locate a wide variety of machinery at your price range and region. Over the years, ITC has done substantial business with major auctioneers such as Ritchie Bros, Lyon Auction, Worldwide Auctioneers and others. ITC has acted as both buyer and seller in the auctions.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Buy Fall Bulbs Now for Brightly Blooming Bulbs this Spring

Nothing makes are garden more beautiful than displaying blooming spring flowers. When spring bulbs are planted this fall, those bulbs will bring a smile to your face as you see this showing brightly all over your backyard, front yard and around your home. Right now is the time to discover Burpee's selection of fall planted bulbs with an incredible array of shapes, colors, sizes and bloom times.

When you shop online right now at Burpee you will save 20% off orders $60+ at with code AFFGET20 through 9/17!. These bulbs are just amazing. Look at all this color. When looking at these Tulip bulbs it makes you want to skip winter and go straight to spring. Burpee has a time zone schedule on their website so their customers can see what the best months will be to begin planting. There are a lot of varieties of tulips too. There is the Barbados, Apricot Amor, Blushing Lady, Brown Sugar, Eternal Flame, Foxtrot and so many more. Tulips are amazing as they have this neat little package and when they bloom, they are just divine. Tulips can be admired from outside or cut and placed in a vase.
If these Tulips look and sound lovely to you, how about another Burpee deal for Save 15% on orders of $50 or more with code AFFMATO through 9/30 at! Now, as much as I love Tulips, I love Daffodils even better.Oh the Daffodil, with it's own smiling face just waiting to make you smile and take on the day. The Daffodils from Burpee come in a nice variety of colors too. My favorite Daffodil is the Peeping Tom. Oh when these bulbs come up, it makes me think of summer and how  I can not wait for summer to arrive. It is a shame Daffodils to not last too long. They grow and then they are gone, but they are so worth the wait. Look at how lovely this bulb is. Just looking at this bulb will put a smile on your face and melt away the cool spring blues. Some other

Daffodils are the Mint Julep, Goose Green, Spellbinder, Tahiti, Dutch Master and so many more.

These are just two of the bulbs Burpee has for their customers to look at and purchase today. Whether this is your first time planting bulbs or you have planted bulbs forever, it is still easy to do and well worth the wait as you see your little packages open up in the sun.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Eilat Lev's International Tractor Co, Inc has Online Bids for Heavy Equipment

Eilat Lev, the president of New York-based International Tractor, has been buying and selling equipment at Ritchie Bros. auctions around the world for almost 30 years.
When he can't attend an auction in person, Eilat bids online- using rbauctionBid-Live to purchase more than US$16 million of equipment to date.

Eilat Lev has been traveling the world, buying and selling equipment, for more than 30 years. "International trade is my niche," says Eilat, owner and president of New York based

International TractorCo. Inc. "Like Ritchie Bros., I think globally. Most equipment I buy and sell starts in one continent and ends up in another: from Europe to South America, from Asia to the Middle East. It's all about supply and demand." 

Early in his career, Eilat found that he often crossed paths with Ritchie Bros. "I understood the global marketplace before most people - but Dave Ritchie understood it too," he says. "I would go to remote places looking at machines and someone from Ritchie Bros. would be there the week before or the week after." Intrigued, Eilat attended his first Ritchie Bros. auction in the late 1970s - and he's been a regular customer ever since, buying and selling close to $2oo million of equipment at auctions around the world. In 2007 alone, Eilat registered to bid at more than 100 auctions, purchasing close to $15 million of equipment. Over the years Eilat noticed a changing mindset among equipment users.

"Dave Ritchie transformed the way people in 

"Being able to sit at home or in my office and bid live on a machine being sold in an auction 1,ooo or 5,ooo miles away- it's incredible." 

the industry looked at auctions," says Eilat. "He showed why it's better to buy from an unreserved auction than anywhere else: you get the machine today, you pay a fair market price. I take my hat off to Dave: he took a simple concept and, with hard work and good people, turned it into a huge international success story." When Ritchie Bros. used the Internet to open up the global equipment marketplace, Eilat was one of the first to take advantage of the opportunities it presented. "Twenty years ago," says Eilat, "it took a lot of time and money to find equipment outside your local market. Now you can go online and find all the information you need about a machine being sold on the other side of the world."

 Ever the pioneer, Eilat was one of the first people to bid online at a Ritchie Bros. auction when the company introduced its Internet bidding service, rbauctionBidLive, in 2002. To date, he's purchased more than US$16 million worth of equipment using the service. "There are so many auctions now, all over the world, and I can't be at all of them," Eilat explains. "Being able to sit at home or in my office and bid live on a machine being sold in an auction 1,ooo or s,ooo miles away - it's incredible." 

Although he appreciates the ease and convenience of online bidding, Eilat says "it will never replace the experience of being physically at the auction and bidding in person."Although Ritchie Bros. auctions have opened up a world of opportunities for Eilat Lev, it's not just equipment that keeps him coming back. "I'm quite old-fashioned," he says. "I enjoy the personal relationships I've developed with Ritchie Bros. over the years." 



Thursday, September 6, 2012

5 Homemade Gifts Any Kid Can Make

When you think about homemade you usually do not think about children. After all, homemade can mean the project is difficult, right? No, in fact homemade can be quite the opposite. Making things by hand does not mean it has to be hard at all. If you think about it, handmade gifts were the first gifts ever. How many children make drawings or cards for their parents as their first real gift? Those are things that parents, grandparents, and family friends treasure forever because they come from the heart. With that in mind, here are five great homemade gifts that any child can create and give away:

1.      Story book – What could be better than a personalized story book? A person of any age would be delighted to see their name in a story just about them. Not only does this delight the person getting the gift, but it also gives children the opportunity to use their imagination and picture themselves in someone else’s shoes. They can think about what occupation the person has, what they do during their day, what they are interested in, and where they would like to travel to.  

This allows children to think about others in two ways: by making an effort for someone else and thinking about someone else’s life. All it takes to create a story book is some construction paper, yarn, and a hole-puncher. Punch three holes on one side of the papers and thread the yarn through the holes. Tie in pretty bows and your book is ready to write and illustrate. Crayons, markers, or colored pencils make for great illustrations. Have children work on their handwriting and artistic skills while creating a gift for someone else.


2.      Recipe Jar – Everyone can use a little help when it comes to cooking, so why not give them the gift of a meal or dessert? Using dry ingredients that will not spoil, children can create mixes for soups, chili, cakes, or brownies. By layering the ingredients neatly in a large mason jar, children not only create a meal but a work of art as well. Add colorful ingredients like multi-colored pasta, mini candy coated chocolates, or various spices to the jars to really bring out the artistic side.  

The kids can decorate the jar with paint or material. Make sure they give the recipe with the jar so that other can replicate this tasty treat. Simply have them tie a small card to the lid of the jar. If there are nuts or gluten, please make sure to include a warning for allergy sufferers. Kids can have fun creating these delicious gifts, and then can make their own for dinner that night!


3.      Wind chimes – If you have a creative child that loves to collect things, this is the perfect homemade gift for them to make. Virtually any collection of small objects can make a beautiful wind chime. Sea shells and coral tied to a piece of driftwood make a great ocean themed wind chime. For a more masculine touch, washers, nuts and bolts tied to a wrench make a great decoration for the garage workspace. Sea glass, marbles, or natural stones catch the light as well as the wind, and a copper-tinted coat hanger holds them all creatively. Simply use fishing line to dangle the odds and ends and your child has the perfect gift in no time.


4.      Pencil holder –Everyone with a desk needs a place to put their pencils, and what could be better than a constant reminder of how much they are loved? Almost any tall, thin container can be made into a pencil holder. Mason jars, tin cans, mismatched glasses, small boxes, and even weighted toilet paper tubes can be turned into desk accessories. Have the children use their imagination to come up with objects that will work. Decorate with paint, markers, crayon, material or anything else they can think of. A little glitter and glue are not bad ideas either. They can even attach a picture of themselves to really personalize their gift.


5.      Treasure Box – Whether you are young or old, you always have things you treasure. Have the kids make up a treasure box for a gift. Something that captures the unique spirit of the recipient. Using a small box, preferably one with a lid, have the children decorate it with things that are meaningful. Pictures cut out from magazines, drawings, or stickers work well. They can also do the classic glitter and pasta route for something that looks like a king or queen will use. 

Fake gems and shimmery accessories can make it glamorous. For a more masculine box, try the monster route. Using googly eyes and lots of green, make a box an alien would be proud to use. Glue on paper teeth and yarn hair for effect. Even a Halloween themed box, like a mummy’s chest or a vampire’s casket could be a fun give away idea. Decorated tiny mint tins make for great treats! 

Whether they are making a Christmas gift, a birthday surprise, or just a gift for any occasion, these ideas should get them started. There are tons of inventive ideas they can come up with using objects you have around the house. There is no reason to have to spend a lot of effort or money coming up with gift ideas. All it takes is a lot of creativity and a little time for children to create gifts that will last forever in the hearts and minds of their recipients.

Author Byline:

Ken Myers as an Expert Advisor on multiple household help issues to many Organizations and groups, and is a mentor for other “Mom-preneurs” seeking guidance.  He is a regular contributor of “”.  You can get in touch with him at

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Fall Fruit and Vegatable Seeds are Here!

So September is here. It kind of appeared out of nowhere. This summer went by so fast and all of a sudden it is the fall season. For all my gardening readers, right now is the best time to Save 20% on orders of $60 or more with code CAFFCOOK through 9/30!  Right now you can look at the varieties of fruits and vegetables ready to plant for the fall season.

If you have never tried blueberries, blackberries or raspberries, right now is a great time to buy some plants and grow them in your backyard. Growing your own fruits will have you enjoying the 'fruits' of your labor. Backyard gardeners  who plant, grow and eat fruit from their backyard will also be able to share their fruit with family, friends and neighbors.

Along with fall fruits, there are fall vegetables for planting. For salad lovers, there is an array of lettuce to look at and put in your shopping cart. Some of the most popular lettuce are the Fuseables Alfresco Mix, City Mix and Global Mix. Since we are entering the fall months, the Lettuce, Fall and Winter Mix will be something every salad lover must purchase, grow and eat during the fall and winter months. Just because summer is behind us does not mean we have to leave behind the yummy vegetables from summer.

All these fruits and vegetables look delicious. Look the price of food are going up, so it is a good idea to begin learning how to grow your own foods at home. Plus, if you have little children, show them how food is really grown and that it does not just magically appear at the grocery store.

It is about time we get back to basics and learn to feed ourselves again.
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