Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Buy Fall Bulbs Now for Brightly Blooming Bulbs this Spring

Nothing makes are garden more beautiful than displaying blooming spring flowers. When spring bulbs are planted this fall, those bulbs will bring a smile to your face as you see this showing brightly all over your backyard, front yard and around your home. Right now is the time to discover Burpee's selection of fall planted bulbs with an incredible array of shapes, colors, sizes and bloom times.

When you shop online right now at Burpee you will save 20% off orders $60+ at Burpee.com with code AFFGET20 through 9/17!. These bulbs are just amazing. Look at all this color. When looking at these Tulip bulbs it makes you want to skip winter and go straight to spring. Burpee has a time zone schedule on their website so their customers can see what the best months will be to begin planting. There are a lot of varieties of tulips too. There is the Barbados, Apricot Amor, Blushing Lady, Brown Sugar, Eternal Flame, Foxtrot and so many more. Tulips are amazing as they have this neat little package and when they bloom, they are just divine. Tulips can be admired from outside or cut and placed in a vase.
If these Tulips look and sound lovely to you, how about another Burpee deal for Save 15% on orders of $50 or more with code AFFMATO through 9/30 at Burpee.com! Now, as much as I love Tulips, I love Daffodils even better.Oh the Daffodil, with it's own smiling face just waiting to make you smile and take on the day. The Daffodils from Burpee come in a nice variety of colors too. My favorite Daffodil is the Peeping Tom. Oh when these bulbs come up, it makes me think of summer and how  I can not wait for summer to arrive. It is a shame Daffodils to not last too long. They grow and then they are gone, but they are so worth the wait. Look at how lovely this bulb is. Just looking at this bulb will put a smile on your face and melt away the cool spring blues. Some other

Daffodils are the Mint Julep, Goose Green, Spellbinder, Tahiti, Dutch Master and so many more.

These are just two of the bulbs Burpee has for their customers to look at and purchase today. Whether this is your first time planting bulbs or you have planted bulbs forever, it is still easy to do and well worth the wait as you see your little packages open up in the sun.

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