Monday, September 3, 2012

The Fall Fruit and Vegatable Seeds are Here!

So September is here. It kind of appeared out of nowhere. This summer went by so fast and all of a sudden it is the fall season. For all my gardening readers, right now is the best time to Save 20% on orders of $60 or more with code CAFFCOOK through 9/30!  Right now you can look at the varieties of fruits and vegetables ready to plant for the fall season.

If you have never tried blueberries, blackberries or raspberries, right now is a great time to buy some plants and grow them in your backyard. Growing your own fruits will have you enjoying the 'fruits' of your labor. Backyard gardeners  who plant, grow and eat fruit from their backyard will also be able to share their fruit with family, friends and neighbors.

Along with fall fruits, there are fall vegetables for planting. For salad lovers, there is an array of lettuce to look at and put in your shopping cart. Some of the most popular lettuce are the Fuseables Alfresco Mix, City Mix and Global Mix. Since we are entering the fall months, the Lettuce, Fall and Winter Mix will be something every salad lover must purchase, grow and eat during the fall and winter months. Just because summer is behind us does not mean we have to leave behind the yummy vegetables from summer.

All these fruits and vegetables look delicious. Look the price of food are going up, so it is a good idea to begin learning how to grow your own foods at home. Plus, if you have little children, show them how food is really grown and that it does not just magically appear at the grocery store.

It is about time we get back to basics and learn to feed ourselves again.

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