Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Trusting Schools to Keep Your Children Safe

As parents of children in the public school system, we put our kids on the bus in the morning trusting that they will make it home to us safely at the end of the school day, with very little control of what happens once the bus pulls away. We trust the bus driver to get them where they need to be safely, the school authorities to keep the school grounds secure and the teachers to push our children to learn. We trust the cafeteria staff to keep the food clean and sanitary, healthy and nutritious. We trust that no harm will come to our children while they are away. Unfortunately in these times, this is not always the case.

1. Bullying - This topic usually doesn't stir up much concern until there has already been an incident of bullying involving your child. By better educating our children on forms of bullying and how to respond to them, we can prevent violent responses and emotional scarring. We can also help prevent future occurrences of bullying by informing our children of the detrimental consequences of bullying other children.

2. Drugs/Weapons in Schools - The issues of drugs being offered to our children and weapons being brought onto school grounds are often topics that make parents uncomfortable, leaving our children unaware of the possibilities of danger and how to react when these situations arise. Children are better able to respond to situations when they are informed, and who better to inform them than their parents?

3. Discipline - There should be no question about the discipline policy your child's teacher uses in the classroom. If there is, it is your responsibility as a parent to ask questions. I had to ask my kindergartner's teacher how she handles children who act out in class because my daughter can be hard to handle at times. She explained her methods to me and eased my mind. If there is anything you disagree with, you can talk it over with the teacher. If this doesn't resolve the issue, take it to the next level of authority, because we certainly do not want our children receiving the wrong forms of discipline at school. The child also needs to understand the forms of discipline in their classroom and if possible, this should be followed up at home.

The bottom line is that we all need to be proactive in our children's education and we need to stay well-informed. This leaves less room for error and helps to keep our children safe when we cannot be with them. Prepare them for the dangers that lurk around every corner. We have to set them free someday.

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