Saturday, December 1, 2012

Making Cookies, Chocolate Chip

Well, it is that time of the year again, the time for baking homemade cookies. When the weather turns cold, there is no better time to bake homemade cookies than in the Fall and Winter months. For one thing, who really wants to leave the home for a sweet treat and homemade is always better. Another good thing about eating homemade cookies is the ingredients. When people buy store bought cookies, if they look on the ingredients, they will see a lot of preservatives and ingredients they would not want in their bodies, much less their kids bodies.

When cookies, or cakes, for that matter are made at home, all the ingredients are right in from of the baker. Let's see, there is butter(real butter), flour, sugar(real sugar), salt, vanilla, brown sugar, eggs, et. al. See all ingredients we know and love.

Hmm, what shall I bake next? A chocolate cake, vanilla cake, brownies, Christmas cookies! Christmas cookies, of course! I have all the ingredients and cutters, I will make some this weekend. My twins love to help me frost them. In fact, I have been looking on a recipe website for homemade frosting. I need to make chocolate and vanilla...

Yes, the baking season has arrived so make sure all your 'kitchen staples' are in your pantry.

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