Monday, December 30, 2013

Searching for Dell Service is at Your Fingertips

Owning, and using, a Dell computer will be the best thing anyone client ever does. When looking for a computer company that offers excellent service, Dell is the company to do business with. Dell service goes over and beyond what other companies might offer. When looking for any solution for office computers or home computers, Dell has 24/7 customer service for wherever you are in the world. This is the type of company to invest in. Not only does Dell provide service on their computers, they will be able to assist you one printers, cables and ink products for whatever your need may be.

For customers who purchase a lot of Dell computers and printers for business purposes, they will require warranties. Warranties can be considered a service from Dell and be a valuable purchase, indeed. Dell clients want to know, if anything happens to the hardware or software, it can be returned with no issues. Not only does Dell offer services for businesses, they also offer services for personal home computers, government agencies, schools and even healthcare providers. Also, if computer customers want to purchase a certain computer and or printer, they can receive financial services help as well. Dell might offer their clients financial help as well. Clients might only have to pay 10% down and without nothing else being paid over the next 3 months.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Quality Furniture Begins With A Quality Furniture Company

When quality is a core value in furniture making, the manufacturing company sets its standards based on some key beliefs. Veering too far away from this central set of ideals can make a company lose a loyal following. People are usually willing to give a little wiggle room for disappointments in style offerings or if the company has limited availability. Most of the time, though, buyers are watching to see if a company's mission statements match its actions. When the company repeatedly falls short of doing what it says, its management team loses public trust.

The most important consideration is usually the customer. The best quality furniture makers consider what the customer wants as a priority. If that means customers have come to know they can rely on a company to shop for traditional pieces, the company should make sure it delivers the best value for traditional furniture in the market. Because there are so many other companies who advertise the same offering, it is important to give customers a reason not to shop somewhere else.

Harden Furniture, a family-owned furniture business, has built its reputation on delivering what its customers expect. Since the 1800s when the company built its first high-quality kitchen chair, people have come to expect nothing less from its artisan builders. That kitchen chair led to rocking chairs and other chairs with distinctive upholstery. Now, Harden also offers more contemporary styles to suit the tastes of modern customers, but the hallmark of its reputation has been on traditional designs.

 Slat Back Arm Chair
Companies that wish to keep good reputations as a quality manufacturers also find ways to stay sustainable. They understand the importance of respecting the environment, the labor force and cultures in the communities where they have showrooms and factories. Sustainability has become such an important value for some companies that they refuse to make products that require them to compromise on their principles. Companies that manufacture directly from the forest, for example, are engaging sustainable manufacturing practices.

A third and important characteristic of quality furniture companies is an unwillingness to sacrifice quality for any reason. In times of national economic strain, fierce competition or need for faster profits, some companies abandon their missions. It is difficult to stay the course when it seems the bottom line is in jeopardy. An authentic company finds another way to perform with the same quality standards. Its leaders knows that any forfeit of quality is an act that sells the company's soul.

Friday, December 20, 2013

The Finest Assortment of Chocolates Begin with Merci-International Chocolates

For those who know me, they know I love chocolate. I could eat chocolate all day long. In fact, I usually do eat, and drink, chocolate all day long. It is my one weakness and it is just not easy to say no to. Honestly, how can one say no to a super indulgent chocolate, especially when it is made my the Merci International Chocolate company.

Here, listen to the Merci song while I tell you more about their company. When I was looking for a new chocolate, this is the company I came across. Before this year, I had not heard of Merci Chocolates before, and I thought I knew a lot about chocolates. Well, these chocolates are just amazing. The Merci International Chocolate company has been around since 1965. Chocolate lovers in European countries like Germany and Sweden loved the little individually-wrapped chocolates and this is when the chocolates because a big hit also in countries like Singapore, Slovenia and the United States of America.

 The Merci chocolates come individually wrapped in these flavors:

  • Cream Truffle
  • Hazelnut-Almond
  • Praline-Creme
  • Dark Cream 
With the immense popularity of the Merci chocolate brand, they have begun selling their chocolates on Amazon. Yeah, now all you  have to do is go to Amazon and purchase Merci chocolates from the comfort of your own home.  Merci chocolates come in a variety of assortments for all the chocolate lovers out there. The assortments are as follows:

Since this was my first time trying the chocolates, I just tasted the Everyday assortment. Well, I loved them. The individually wrapped chocolates I loved the most though were the filled chocolates.

Honestly, I could have eaten them all in one day, but I held back and I now have 5 left, plus I was sharing them with neighbors. Yes, these chocolates make for great gifts and what a better way to say "Thank you" and "I Love You", than with a box or two of Merci International Chocolates...

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Skinny Coconut Oil Company Is Passionate About Pure, Raw Coconut Oil And Your Health

Whether one has health issues or not, using coconut oil, everyday like I do, will be the best 'medicine' anyone can take. Medicine you may ask, yes, medicine. The best type of coconut oil, is raw, natural, unrefined, extra virgin, cold pressed and pesticide free. For coconut oil to work in the body as it should, it has to be raw, natural, unrefined, extra virgin, cold pressed and pesticide free. The last thing anyone wants is chemicals in their body if they can be avoided.

If you have never heard of coconut oil being health for everyday use, this is about to change with t he Skinny Coconut Oil Company. When one is passionate about health and giving health to others, one goes into the coconut oil business. This is what the two brothers Matt and Luke did. They love traveling and while in Asia, they went through Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, India, and Vietnam. When Matt and Luke were in Vietnam, this is where they met Tan, who happens to be Matt and Luke's 'coconut genius'. The three of them decided to partner up together and build a business that would support the local community with %100 Raw Coconut Oil.

Now, the health benefits of  %100 Raw Coconut Oil:
  • Skin Care
  • Hair Care
  • Stress relief
  • Cholesterol levels 
  • Weight loss
  • Immune system issues (MS, Epilepsy, et. at.)
  • Digestion
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer and many more
Luke and Matt also work with Kim Vu, who created their import/export business. This business could be found in Indianapolis, IN and online today.

Skinny Coconut Oil is not overwhelming in smell or taste. In fact, it has a light fragrance, a smooth texture and a creamy, white color. The Nutralock System used in making the Skinny Coconut Oil ensures this coconut oil is never heated above room temperature, is always cold pressed and full of all the vitamins you need to stay healthy.

Users of the Skinny Coconut Oil never have to worry if the coconut oil is not raw or pure, because it is and it is comprised of fats called medium chain fatty acids (MCFA)....these are good fatty acids.

I use my Skinny Coconut Oil everyday when I wake up and go to bed. I take either 2-3 tablespoons of the coconut oil. In order for me to take the tablespoons of the oil, I heat up water in a teakettle. Once the water in warm, I pour it around the coconut oil jar I have sitting in a 2-cup measuring cup. Then, I wait until the oil is in liquid form and begin pouring into a tablespoon, three times.

So, now is the time to purchase your Skinny Coconut Oil and stay healthy my friend.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The HiLine Coffee Company Brings Their Love Of Coffee To You......and Me

Being a coffee lover means I am usually on the lookout for new coffee and coffee flavors. I always try to find a natural, or organic, coffee if I can find it in a grocery store or popular coffee shop (cafe). Well, a couple months ago I found this company, HiLine, located in New York. I am far from New York, over 3,000 miles away from New York in fact, but this did not stop me from trying out their coffee. When I found their website, I went straight to the SHOP page to see what they sell and what the ingredients were that made their coffee's so amazing.

Okay, so if you are like me, and do not live near New York, but want a taste of New York, check out the HiLine Coffee Company website and look at all the flavors they offer their clients. The best way to get a 'taste' of New York is to purchase all these delicious flavors. Now, even if you do not have a Nespresso coffee machine, you can still try the coffee's out.

I have another name brand single serve coffee maker and what I had to do was spoon out the coffee and put it in the single serve coffee filter I bought online. All I did was improvise and it was easy to do. Now, I did not buy the single serve coffee filter for this reason, I bought it so I could drink the coffee's I really like and not the ones that are prepacked. This single serve coffee filter is awesome because I can use it for these tiny Nespresso coffee's. True, I had to add two of the HiLine Coffee's to this single serve coffee filter, but it was worth it. I mean I do not have a Nespresso coffee machine....yet...but  I was not going to have that stop me from drinking the HiLine Coffee Company coffee.

Alright, so here are the coffee flavors I purchased:

  • Broadway Dark Roast
  • Liberty Dark Roast
  • Times Square Dark Roast
  • Wall Street Dark Roast
If you really want a taste of New York, you have to taste the flavors above. The one I liked most was Wall Street. As I was drinking the coffee, I was thinking, "Hmm, is the really what Wall Street tastes like?" I guess I would rather drink a cup of Wall Street than lose my money in the stock market...

Then, there are these flavors:

  • Brooklyn Medium Roast
  • SoHo Medium Roast
  • Chelsea Light Brown Roast
  • United Nations Decaf 
  • Green Coffee
The prices for these coffee's are great, especially since you get 10 coffee's in a pack. All the coffee's cost $4.99, except for the Green Coffee which costs $9.99. HiLine Coffee is a really good and rich coffee that you just have to try and share with your family and friends.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Induldge Yourself with Skin and Facial Products from Island Skin LLC

So, just like I really like drinking and eating organic, or natural, foods and drinks, I also try to find organic products to put on my body and face. My body and face do not need any type of toxin rubbed in just because the product, or company, is popular. It is always important to read all labels, especially labels of what you are putting in, and on, your body and face.

This is why I was thrilled to find this company, Island Skin, LLC. Island Skin, LLC really cares for their clients and wants me, and you, to feel good about what you are rubbing onto your body and face. This is they pride themselves on making all their skincare products with all natural ingredients. If our skin is to stay and be healthy, in begins and ends, with a chemical free product. The best place to find all organic ingredients is in a tropical location.

Over the past couple of years, I have decided that if I can not pronounce an ingredient, or if the ingredients include these ingredients:

  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Petroleums
  • Artificial preservatives
  • Colours
  • Perfumes, ets
then the body and face product is not for me. When I found Island Skin, LLC, I found that all their products are FREE of all the above toxins.

Well, when I found this website, the products that I really liked, and purchased, were these:
Oh, there are a lot more organic body products, but these are what I am using right now. If I like these products, which contain no chemicals, and I can pronounce the ingredients, you will like them too. So, what are you waiting for, buy some amazing body and face products today.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Coffee Does Not Have To Be Boring Anymore

Making coffee from home is fun and cost effective don't you think? There are several coffee companies who make coffee makers for a single cup of coffee today. If all one wants is a single cup of joe, this is great for saving on water and the coffee will not become stale sitting on a coffee pot. Well, just as this is important to coffee lovers, such as myself, so to is drinking flavored coffee. I love flavored coffee, especially when I can choose the flavors I like, from a company I like.

Along with drinking flavored coffee, I have to use a cream, maybe half and half or just plain milk. It is always a good idea to have one or two coffee flavor syrups on had for oneself, family or friends. The best thing about coffee syrups is, if a coffee drink does not like cream, but want their coffee flavored, all they need to do is add the coffee syrup to their hot coffee.

Right now I am using two premium coffee syrups from Monin. Monin makes the best, premium syrups, around. The two I am using right now are the Premium Pumpkin Spice Syrup and Premium Toasted Marshmallow Syrup.

The Pumpkin Spice Syrup is very much in demand at this time of year. In fact, this Pumpkin Spice Syrup make coffee lovers excited for the fall and harvest season. This syrup also makes a coffee drink feel all warm and cozy as they might be sitting by a fireplace or just relaxing and drinking their favorite coffee drink.This syrup is excellent for making latte's, mocha's, hot and cold coffee's, hot or cold tea's and even cocktails.

For my readers who are lot a fan of GMO's, like myself, you will be happy to know this syrup is Kosher, GMO Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Vegan.

Just like the Pumpkin Spice Syrup, the Marshmallow Syrup is Kosher, GMO Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Vegan and is also great when used in latte's, mocha's, hot and cold coffee's, hot or cold tea's and even cocktails. For my readers who live marshmallows, they will be able to smell marshmallows in this syrup and this syrup is made with a smooth caramel finish.

These are the best flavors, in my opinion, for right now, as our seasons are changing. There are 105 flavors for coffee or tea lovers to look at and purchase as well. Oh, but as great as it is that Monin makes and sells all these delicious syrup flavors, they make and sell more for, you and me, their clients.

Here are the other products they sell:
  • Sugar Free Syrups
  • Gourmet Sauces
  • Sweeteners
  • Organics
  • Concentrates
  • Fruit Puree
  • Fruit Smoothie Mix
When clients, like myself, purchase products from Monin, I want to know how to use these products and because of this, Monin offers recipes and tips and techniques as well.

Right now is the best time to go to the Monin website and make your purchases on premium syrups or their other amazing products. Monin is found all over the world.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Finding FoodsAlive Is Easy and Good the Body and Mind

If you are looking for healthy and oh so good to eat snacks, there is no reason to worry anymore. I found this awesome company, FoodsAlive, that sells such food snacks as Flax Crackers, Super Foods, Hemp Foods, Variety Packs and a lot more. So far, I have tried the Ginger Snap Flax Crackers, Hemp Flax Crackers and Maple & Cinnamon Flax Crackers. These are not the only Flax Crackers available either. There is also these flavors I intend to purchase next:
  • Mexican Harvest
  • Onion Garlic
  • Original Flavor
The best thing about these Flax Crackers is, they are made with protein & fiber, Omega-3 EFA's, Gluten Free and either 70% Raw, 80% Raw or Live Foods. These Flax Crackers are also USDA Organic.
Ginger Snap Organic Flax & Chia Snackers

Along with the other Flax Crackers I plan on purchasing, I really want to try the Cacao Nibs. Chocolate is my favorite snack of all time, as all  my family and friends know, so this is something I will have to try for my next purchase.
Cacao Nibs (Indonesian) - Organic (8 oz.)

Oh, and one other popular product today that I am seeing and hearing more about is using a glass straw. Yeah using a glass straw is a great way to reduce the plastic straws we are currently using that end up in our landfills. They can be purchased one at a time, four at a time, 6, 8 or 10 inch in length and there is also a bent glass straw. How cool is that!

Finally, all my family and friends know I love coffee. I found this cool coffee on FoodsAlive called Bio Coffee. It is alkalizing and a wheatgrass coffee pack. The packs come in a box and they are organic coffee's that do not cause any jitters. Along with this being a good way to drink coffee, the packets can be kept with you in your purse, backpack or car. All you need to do is just add water!

If I were you, I would not waste anytime and make your first purchase of these amazing organic food snacks that are good for you and your family and pass this along to your family and friends as well.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Herbal Teas for Healing the Body

A couple months ago I was looking for some organic food, or drink, products to add to my daily regime. I really love coffee, but I also love tea. What does one do when they like both types of drinks? They drink both almost everyday. Well, this is what I have been doing now, drinking coffee (organic when I can find it) and organic teas a well.

Well, while looking for organic teas, I came upon this company, Delightful Natural Food. This company has been in business since 1998, in Modesto, CA. The creator of this company, Yen, has seven siblings and came from Taiwan, well her Mother did at least. Yen's Mother wanted to help people regain their health and these teas help provide the body with herbal ingredients needed to release toxins and feel better.

All the children who now run Delightful Natural Food, call their Mother, Ma, and they run this company with pride and enthusiasm knowing they are helping their clients regain their health through drinking their teas. The teas Delightful Natural Food currently sell are:

  • Cranberry Tea
  • Hibiscus Tea
  • Lemon Tea
  • Blueberry Tea
  • Pummelo Tea
  • Cranberry Tea Plus (unavailable right now)
  • Kiwi Tea (unavailable right now)
  • Mint Tea (unavailable right now)

The teas I have been drinking, and love, are the Cranberry, Lemon and Hibiscus teas. All ingredients are natural and found on every box that you will be excited to drink everyday like I do.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pamper Myself Day with Bubalina

Before my precious twins were born,  I used to set aside a day to 'Pamper Myself". This day was usually Saturday or Sunday. Well, now that my twins are in school I can resume my Pamper Myself Day. There is the new product I found to allow me to do just that. This product is by the company Bubalina. This website, company that is, is awesome! I love all the products they are making and selling. The one thing that really drew me to them is Bubalina uses all natural ingredients, are not tested on animals and is Paraben free.

Right now, these are the two products I am using and really like them:
Cherry Marzipan Body Butter and Cherry Marzipan Body Sugar Scrub

Bubalina sells more than just body butter and sugar scrubs though. Just as these are an important factor in having a 'pamper yourself day', so to is taking care of your hair and filling any room in your home with a candle scent that will put you in the true mood one wants when pampering themselves. I have not used the shampoo or conditioner yet, but they look nice and I will have to purchase them soon.

There is no need to forgo being pampered when Bubalina is around to show you the ways to pamper yourself at home and even have a Pampering 'Girls Nite Out' with these gift sets. One way to put a smile on your friends or families face for birthdays or Christmas, will be to give them a gift set or individual products that will have them starting their own Pamper Myself days.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Designing Your Own Candles Is Fun and Easy

Candles are great in the home. They are a great way to make a home smell good and give it the ambiance a homeowner wants. Ambiance is important for most homeowners, the last thing they want is a home that is not warm and welcoming, right? This is where placing candles in strategic places in the home make a difference. When I was looking for candles I could make myself, I found this company, Illumbiance. This candle company does just that, they let their customers make a candle the way they want. How cool is that? This is a candle company that saw what client wanted and met that need.

11 oz. Tapered Square Candle14 oz. Hand Blown Glass Tumbler (Blue)Heart Shaped Glass Candle (3 wick)

These are just a few of the glass candle contaniner's Illumbiance uses when making their candles. Right now, they offer over 15 glass containers that can be filled with the scent and color their clients want. When I was looking for the candles I wanted, I choose these containers

5 oz. Tempo Candle 12 oz. Glass Tumbler Candle

in the colors of Golden Honey and Banana Nut Bread scent. The other glass container I also bought with the Golden Honey color, but the Caramelized Pralines scent. I already used the Banana Nut Bread candle, but this is the Caramelized Pralines candle which I is not completely done yet:

 These candles come in these colors as well:
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Burgundy
  • Brown
  • Golden Honey
  • Key West
  • Olive
  • Purple
  • Red
  • White
  • Yellow
The scents I choose smell delicious, I mean they are will have you wanting to eat these candles, but this would not be a good idea. They certainly smell like the real thing though. Here are the other scents candle lovers can look at for their own personalized candles:
  • Amorette Nog
  • Antique Sandlewood
  • Apples and Maple Bourbon
  • Asian Amber
  • Baby Powers
  • Banana Nut Bread
  • Bayberry
  • Beach Linen
  • Bird of Paradise....
This list of scents goes on, there are over seventy scents for candle lovers to look at and choose from. This is, by far, the very best candle company I have ever found. This is the way all candles should be made. Sure it is nice to have candles already made, and in stores, but candles are more special, and fresh, when they are made to order. Illumbiance is the best candle company out there and I am so happy I found them.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

There is nothing better than chocolate on the go

For those who love chocolate, and I am one of 'those' people, it is always great to have some in a purse or backpack or even car. The one thing about chocolate though is, it melts. Melting chocolate can cause such a mess and this is something that has to be changed. Well, this melting issue has been changed. One company, I found online, Ek-Chok, sells their chocolate in little pouches. These pouches come in more than one flavor and will not melt, unless the chocolate lover, like myself, rub the chocolate in between their fingers. Oh yeah, chocolate is so delicious and a must have in my home, but now when I buy chocolate, I know I can buy organic chocolate as well.

This is the best type of chocolate to buy and eat because the last thing anyone wants in their body, and mind, is a chocolate that tastes like plastic or is made with a chemical based sugar. Organic chocolates are the only way to go and there is no guilt when taking time for oneself and eating chocolate at home or on the go. These organic chocolates are something not a lot of people know about, but they certainly are something people will hear about now and go out of their way to look for, and purchase.

These chocolates contain these ingredients and make eating and spreading, this chocolate all the more pleasurable: These chocolates are known as a superfood because they contain minerals and several unqie and varied healthy properties for our bodies and minds. These chocolates are from Venezuelan Cacao Criollo and also contain magnesium, iron and antixoidants. Other ingredients include blueberries, black and green teas and red wine.

These chocolates are, by far, the best type of chocolate one can eat and be healthy all at the same time. The flavors available to any and all chocolate lovers are as follows:
  • Chocolate paste Cardomom
  • Chocolate paste Licorice
  • Chocolate paste Strawberry
  • Chocolate paste Vanilla
  • Chocolate paste Rose
These are all great flavors and I have used them all, well eaten them all. All you have to do is warm them up in between your fingers, or sometimes I put them in warm water for a while. These chocolate paste pouches can also be spread on cupcakes, which I have done as well.

So, buy some flavors, put them in your purse, your backpack and enjoy!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

This Is The Time To Brew Cupid Coffee

Brew Cupid coffee you say, yes, to Brew Cupid coffee. This coffee company is called Brew Cupid and they are located in Austin, Texas. Coffee lovers, such as myself, are always on the hunt for coffee flavors and coffee companies that are either in their state or not. When looking for coffee blends today, all one has to do is go online and type in the type of blend they are looking for. Sometimes, like for me, I typed in a 'blonde' coffee blend and found Brew Cupid coffee, located in Austin, Texas.

These days a lot of people, like me, are looking for food products that are organic by nature. The last thing anyone wants is chemicals in their body, if it can be avoided. Well, these Brew Cupid coffees are just that, organic and absolutely delicious. As soon the coffee's I ordered arrived, I took them out of their shipping box, and looked at the coffee bags. The coffee bags have a great design. They are six designs right now. The two coffee's I ordered were the Black Label and Texas Blonde Roast. 

The Black Label coffee comes in 1 pound, large, 2 pound, hefty, 5 pounds for businesses and an 8 oz medium size. This delicious coffee can be purchased in a drip brew, French press and whole bean. The Texas Blonde Roast also comes in the same sizes and coffee options.  Both these flavors are amazing and the smell, well once the coffee bags are open, I stuck my nose in the bags and inhaled over and over again. For most coffee's if it smells delicious, it will tastes just as good as it smells, and this is the case for Brew Cupid coffee.

Brew Cupid Coffee Co. also sells these flavors, I have not tried yet, but plan to before these two flavors I am currently drinking, are gone:

  • Almond Blend
  • Breakfast Blend
  • Italian Roast
  • Well Aware Kenyan Blend
Waking up to no coffee will not be an issue anymore, especially when the Brew Cupid Coffee Company (video) will deliver to your front door. So, there is no time like the present to buy some of the most amazing coffee you will smell and drink all day, everyday,

Monday, October 28, 2013

There Is No Better Time Than Now To Maintain A Homes Curb Appeal

One of the best ways to improve the curb appeal of your home is to replace old and worn out windows and doors or outdated and warped siding. Placing new windows and doors on your home can turn the exterior of our home into the showcase of the neighborhood. Not only can new windows and doors improve aesthetics, they can save you money in the long run.

Today's windows and doors, from quality manufacturers such as Andersen, Jeldwen, Pella and Milgard are much more energy efficient than those made 10 years ago, as they have better resistance to heat flow, better insulating properties and increased light and view that result in energy savings in both winter and summer. In addition, the interior of your home will be more comfortable as air leakage will be reduced.

Another consideration to remodeling your home is to replace siding. Old siding not only makes your house look dated, it to can contribute to higher energy costs. At Alpine, we install fine siding products from Alside, Alcoa, and Certainteed that will transform the look of your home and also provide additional insulation, keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter. We also have James Hardie fiber cement siding that can give your upscale home the look of fine wood without the maintenance.

Installation is just as important as the product. By selecting the professionals at Alpine, you will be assured of getting a quality crew who will perform the job right every time.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Coffee is an amazing drink, but do you GotHealthyJava?

Coffee, just the smell of it tingling my nose and perks up my mornings. Where would the world be without coffee? Well, I have been drinking coffee for over 20 years now and I just love it. I love all types of coffee, especially flavored coffee, especially coffee that is healthy for me. Yes, there is actually a coffee that is healthy for the human body. So, a couple days I was online and looking for a new coffee to drink when I came upon this company, Healthy Habits Global. Everybody should desire to have healthy eating habits right? Right, especially with all the talk of GMO in our food supply.

 Well, this can be 'fixed' when a coffee lover makes their own coffee at home. Making coffee at home is a good idea today, especially when now, one can make coffee with those single coffee packets. Whether looking to save money on drinking coffee at a trendy coffee cafe, or health concerns, there should be no need to stop drinking coffee. This is especially true once one finds they can make their own GotHealthyJava at home, in the car and on the road, anytime of the day!

Now, healthy coffee does not have to taste bad at all. In fact, the Healthy Habits founders knew coffee is one of the most popular consumed beverages in the world and they wanted to make their coffee, better. This is when they came up with the idea to add Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidium), to their coffee blends. Reisha happens to be one of the most versatile, all natural herbs, known to man. This means, whenever a single coffee packet is poured, and stirred with water, into a coffee cup, the individual drinking this coffee will be receiving 154 antioxdants and 200 phytonutrients for their body, which allow the body to perform at it optimal state.

The Healthy Habits company offers their clients an exclusive proprietary of blends and flavors to tempt the senses, while providing you many nutrients  needed everyday. HHG has come up with an enriched coffee line consisting of:
  •  Black
  •  Blend
  •  Cappuccino
  •  Chai Tea

This Power Blast Blend tastes, to me, like lemonade and does give me energy for my morning. I put one of each packet in my purse and I am on my way for wherever I go. I just bring a bottle of water, pour the packet in and shake!

This blended coffee and Chai coffee, right now are my favorite. I just love Chai coffee/tea and drink that almost everyday.

Finally, there are some new flavors on the horizon! There is the delicious Mocha and Healthy Hot Chocolate flavors. Oh and one more awesome thing about purchasing this amazing HealthyHabits Coffee is you can sign up with a Distributor Account or Preferred Account. This is the best way to get the word out about this healthy coffee and earn some money at the same time.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Are you eating the Barnana way yet?

Barnana, what is a Barnana you might be thinking. Well, a Barnana is a dehydrated Banana. The Banana is, somewhat, roasted until all the juices remain in the Banana, while allowing the Banana to stay edible, for several weeks. This is one of the best fruits anyone can eat. In fact, the Banana, has been known as the 'perfect food'. The Banana plant is mainly grown in Southeast Asia, or in more tropical climates.

When one looks at a Banana plant, they might not see it as an herb, but that is exactly what it is, an herb. This is true, the Banana plant is actually the biggest herbaceous flowering plant known to man. These plants can grow to be a tall as 10 to 26 feet and can be harvested year round. As the Bananas grow, they grow in what is called a 'bunch' or 'cluster'. The Banana, hanging in the 'bunch' or 'cluster' are known as 'hands'.

So, most people know what a dehydrator is, right? Well this is what is used to make these Barnana's. The Bananas are removed from their skins and placed on a dehydrator. While on the dehydrator, they turn brown, which is a good thing. There is nothing wrong with a brown Banana.

Once dehydrated, they are cut into small, bite-sized, pieces and made to last for a while in their packaging. These bite-sized snacks are delicious and chewy. Everyone is looking for natural snacks today, what a better way to stay healthy than to eat dehydrated Barnana pieces at home, in the car and on the go. When it comes to being healthy today, this also includes Non GMO foods. That is exactly what the Barnana snack is, Non GMO, Raw, Gluten-Free and Vegan!

Wow, that is amazing. An all natural and yummy snack, all rolled into one. With this said, there is also:
  • Zero refined sugar
  • Zero Preservatives
  • Zero Cholesterol
If vitamins and minerals are important to a daily diet, then Barnana has 20 vitamins and minerals that help boost the immune system. This is the best snack around and should be in every one's home, office, taken to school and so much more.

 Oh and for all the chocolate lovers out there, like me, now Barana makes chewy chocolate Banana bites!

So now you are looking for a place to buy this delicious snack, just click HERE to place your order to buy some bags for you, your family and friends.

Monday, September 30, 2013

The Fall and Winter Season is the Time to Get Warm and Cozy

With the weather changing from either very hot and warm to cool, breezy and very cold, it is time to bring out those cool weather clothes. Well, just as people like to stay warm in the cooler weather, so to does the Cozy Soap. Cozy Soap you say. Yeah, have you ever heard of the Cozy Soap Company? If not, it is time you have. There are a lot of soap companies they sell all sorts of soaps made with a variety of ingredients. But, are those ingredients good for your body? Did you know that the soap scrubbed on the outside of the body also affects the inside? This is true and this is why when looking at, and purchasing, a soap, it is important to read all ingredients.

Just as it is vital to read all food ingredients, the same applies for body soap. Eating healthy food, is just as important as using soaps made with ingredients one can pronounce and understand.

 At the Cozy Soap Company, they care for their customers and want them look at all their amazing soaps made from their West Los Angeles store which can also be purchased online. The fun thing about these soaps is they can be purchased with their own cozy sweater. Yeah, they get their own sweater and it is so cute

There are a lot of delicious soaps, not to be eaten by the way, that your skin will thank you for. These are the types of soaps to look at and purchase:

  • LIMITED EDITION: Pumpkin Pie Loofah Soap with Cozy
  • Calming Tea Soap with Cozy
  • Coconut, Milk and Honey Soap with Cozy
  • Coffee Dream Soap with Cozy
  • Lavender Vanilla Soap (no Cozy)
  • Soap of the Month Club 
I just love these soaps! I just found them online and liked them on Facebook and Pintrest. Since ingredients are important to me, I will be buying these soaps from now on. It is worth it to not only have the cute Cozy sweater with soap inside, but the cozies can be purchased separately too!

  • Vanilla
  • Coconut
  • LIMITED TIME Pumpkin Pie with Cozy

Finally, if your bodies skin in important to you, I bet your lips are as well. Well, now your lips can be taken care of with the Signature Lip Balm with Cozy. Some of the lip balms include: 

So now, not only will your skin feel good, and smell good, so to will your lips. The last thing one wants is dry elbows, knees and lips this Fall and Winter season. Take care of yourself today, there is no time to waste. Oh, one more thing, that Pumpkin Pie Cozy Soap Loofah is amazing! I love it because it is infused with the soap. This is a brilliant idea adding the loofah with the soap. This soap company is great and I am so glad I found them when I did.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

If you love coffee and chocolate, you will love Coffee Thins

A couple weeks ago I was on Facebook as I always am and came across this ad for Coffee Thins. Well, I had to check it out. I love coffee, but had to see what the 'thins' was all about. So, I clicked on the ad which led me to the Coffee Thins Facebook page. While on this page, I read about this company and how they have three different coffee thins chocolate squares infused! Oh, well I had to ask them if I could try out their thins in exchange for me writing about their company.

Well, a couple days ago I received this big box of their coffee thins. For me coffee and chocolate go hand in hand. I fell in love with them and handed some to my neighbor and I am sure she loves them like I do. She loves coffee just like me.

The Coffee Thins company received the 2013 Best New Product People's Choice Winner Award for Food at the 25 Annual Exposition in Boston, MA. The Coffee Thins company also received the 2013 Speciality Coffee Association of America Award.

The Coffee Thins company calls their coffee bars, "The Natural Energy Bar packing a cup of coffee in every piece."

These little coffee thin squares are perfect for those times when you can not drink a real coffee. They fit perfectly in a purse or duffel bag. There is more than one flavor and they will put a smile on your face. These are the flavors the Coffee Thins company has available to their clients:
  • Espresso
  • Latte'
  • Americano
Each bag comes with 12 or 24 coffee thin squares. The assorted of each flavor coffee thins comes with 96 coffee thin squares. The cases of assorted Americano, Espresso or Latte' come with 144 coffee thins.

Every Coffee Thin is made with Sugar, Roasted Coffee Paste, Concentrated Natural Coffee Extract, Milk Solids and other flavorings. These Coffee Thins are proudly Made in the USA in Florida. For all  my family and friends who want to support American companies, here is a new company that can use your support.

So, there is no time like the present to buy a bag or two of these delicious Coffee Thins in more than one flavor. Just so you know, there is no chocolate, at all, in thees coffee thins, but it certainly tastes like it and you will love them.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Are You Using GungHo Yet?

Last week I began hearing a lot about this GungHo Ninja Like Focus drink. This drink comes in a little bag that has to be cut open. So, I cut open one little bag each day, in the morning, and drank it. I received 3 of these shots to try out. They have an alright taste and go down quickly. 

The ingredients are all right here and they will increase your memory and brain health. Our brains are indeed important and the last thing anyone wants is to have a 'forgetful' moment. This seems to happen a lot these days. This happens from brain overload with all the electronic equipment that keeps us all busy for sure.

Now, when it comes to all those 'other' energy drinks on the market today, GungHo will not give you jitters and make you feel worse than before. GungHo cares about their clients and wants to help boost productivity for all their clients whether at work, at school or playing. The GungHo company are not new to this type of product either. They have been in development with their scientists for over 30 years to bring health to their clients.

Everyday I drank this energy shot, I was able to remember everything I had to do that day and I was not stressed out at all. This should be a plus for everyone, wanting no stress, right? Anyway, right now you can try the GungHo Energy Drink for free while it lasts.

The best thing about this company is they are in America, in Utah no less.

Friday, August 16, 2013

My Backyard Garden Box

Last Christmas my parents gave me a garden box for my backyard. At that time, I only put together one box. Well, this week I put together the other box and placed it next to the other box. Yesterday my hubby and one of my twins went to one of our home garden stores and bought three bags of garden soil. Last night we put one in the box and today I put in another bag. 

After the bags were added, I watered the soil, let it sit for a while, then I sowed some seeds for lettuce, spinach and zucchini. I think the spinach and zucchini might not grow at this time, I never know...I do hope it begins to get cooler so the lettuce will grow. I have sowed three types of lettuce: salad mix, head and some other type. 

I certainly love sowing seeds, heirloom seeds, in my vegetable. True, it takes time to see the results, if any at all, from my sowing seeds, but it is exciting to see these tiny vegetable seeds grow and grow. So far since I began sowing seeds last winter, I have eaten lettuce and squash, hoping to eat my tomatoes. My tomatoes are turning red! Yeah. 

I tried to grow red cabbage last winter, but they did not grow. The plants grew and they were awesome, but no cabbage. I will try again this winter and keep trying until I see some results.

Well, here are some pictures of what I have right now in my vegetable garden.


Two of my beefsteak tomatoes. One more is growing, it is behind the red tomatoes.

This is my Cantelope growing. More flowers then fruit yet. I just planted three types of Carrots and Pumpkin seeds.

This is supposed to be an apple tree. I have never seen what apples trees look like growing, so I shall see. Emma planted these apple seeds. I think it is a Granny Smith.

These are supposed to be cherry seeds and or lettuce? The one on the left looks like lettuce and cherry (maybe?) on right. Abby planted the cherry seeds.

This is my new garden box. I sowed thee types of lettuce this morning, spinach and zucchini. I really hope, and pray, they begin growing. But, it is still hot as it is August...I shall see.

Finally, these are two colors of Morning Glory flowers. As they began growing, it began wrapping around the trellis. I did not like that so I attached some sticky hooks to the fence and put the flowers on the hooks. The hooks fall off sometimes, I just keep re attaching them. The flowers are a light purple and pink.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Providing Fresh Water to All

Water. Everyone needs water. We drink water and use it in almost every fascist of our daily lives. There is about 3.5% salt in the Earth's oceans and even more, 40% in the Persian Gulf and Red Sea. That is a lot of salt water and humans, along with animals, do not drink salt water. Humans and animals need fresh water to survive.

There are ways to remove salt from ocean water, now, but a log time ago, not so  much. There are over 10 types of salts in the ocean waters that no one wants to drink or cook with on  a day to day basis. This is why searching for and using fresh water is so important to our well being.

If you live in America, or even the UK, then you know how blessed you are to have fresh, running water, in your kitchen, bathroom and outdoors. If, on the other hand, you live in Africa, fresh water is not so easy to come by.  As of right now, there are well over 320 million Africans who have to travel 20 hours, or more, weekly, for fresh water I take for granted.

Fresh water, that is water sources not contaminated with who knows what that will cause disease and many illnesses, is something that everybody on earth needs and desires. Sadly, there are so many communities in Africa that live in poverty, they probably have never tasted fresh, running water and therefore they do not have a long life span.

Where there is poverty in African communities, more likely than not, there will be such diseases as HIV/AIDS and so much more. African people do not have to live this way though. They can have the knowledge of fresh, running, water like so many in the United States and UK use on a daily basis.

In fact, if you live fresh water and want to share your love of water with Africa, all you have to do is buy this book: Couch Rebels! like I did. There is no need for you to leave your home to show how much you care. All you have to do is buy this book when it comes in August 14th. This book tells stories from 79 storytellers, with 86 stories in total, and all proceeds will go towards providing fresh water to Africans in need of the fresh water we take for granted.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Planting Heirloom Corn, other Veggies and Fruits this Season

Oh yeah, I have had a really good, first growing year with three types of Lettuce, Carrots and some Onions. For Christmas last year my parents gave me a raised veggie garden bed and I have been using it from various veggies that do to grow up, but out.

I tried growing Red Cabbage, but only the leaves (which are very big) grew. I will try again next year. I also tried Broccoli, but that also did not grow. Right now though, I am growing Cantaloupe and Watermelon in my veggie garden box.

Since Winter, I have been "building" my compost pile inside a plastic garbage can, with lid, and adding some veggie scraps, shredded paper and some leaves as they fell. Well, I have begun mixing the compost with my garden bagged dirt and all of a sudden other fruit and veggies have begun to grow! I really am not sure what they are yet. It looks like they could be potatoes and more Cantaloupe!

The Watermelon I am attempting to grow looks like it is being eaten from bugs of some sort.

Well, along with these fruits and veggies, I am growing tomatoes and they plant is really beginning to grow tall. Yeah! I am so glad, but I did not plant my Jalapenos at the right time, winter, so I will not have any this yeah and when I went to OSH to look for a plant, all they had was sweet peppers....YUCK...

Along with the above veggies, and fruits, I am doing all I can to grow Corn, Green Beans and Zucchini (Three Sisters). These plants are growing..just not as fast as they probably should because they are not in full sunlight.

Anyway, I will take some pics tomorrow and post them here, in another post for you to see.

Ciao for now!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Have you ever used Organic Blue Agave Sweetener before?

If not, I suggest you do. This Organic Blue Agave sweetener is delicious. Oh my goodness, this is a liquid sweetener and if you are a coffee drinker, this is the best sweetener to use because it blends well with hot and cold coffee. These days, there are so many artificial sweeteners, that I strongly suggest you do not use. Instead, use this Organic Blue Agave sweetener as it is a better alternative to white sugar and alternative sweeteners. Don't  get me wrong, sometimes you need white sugar for baking purposes, but when it come to adding a sweetener to coffee, tea or homemade lemonade, this Organic Blue Agave sweetener is the only product to use. Now, I just started using this Organic Blue Agave Sweetener two weeks ago and I do not see myself using anything else.

When it comes to sweeteners, I am sure you already know my stance of artificial sweeteners. If you are not aware of what artificial sweeteners are made from, let me tell you.  Artificial sweeteners, also known as, Aspartame, is also known as a Sweet Poison. This sounds like an oxymoron, right? Well, it is true. This is one sweetener you and your family do not want to use. When grocery shopping, there are a lot of sweeteners on the store shelves, right? Well, here are a list of these sweeteners, that go by different names, but are in fact ONE element (Aspartame).

This is the list of sweet poisons you will find on your store shelves:

  • Aspartame (yes, Aspartame is actually a boxed sweetener on your store shelf)
  • Equal
  • NutraSweet 
  • E951
  • Spoonful
  • et al
This is an article I wrote on in 2008! Yeah 2008 is when I found out what Aspartame was and how it was affecting my health. So, I am  not new to this whole healthy sugar sweetener you know. I want to wake up my family and friends to see that their current sweetener (poison-if this is what is being used) is not good for your health.

Here are the ingredients of Organic Blue Agave:

  • Organic Amber Nectar
  • A Low Glycemic Organic Sweetener
Organic Blue Agave is also:
  • Gluten Free
  • USDA Organic
  • Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International
  • Vegan
Well, there you go. These are reasons to use Organic Blue Agave instead of white sugar and artificial sweeteners. 
Oh, one more thing, did you know white sugar comes from sugar cane and sugar beets? I am sure you do, but did you know beet sugar is being grown as a GMO crop? GMO, what is GMO you might be asking. Well the acronym for GMO means: Genetically Modified Organism, Genetically Engineered Organism, Genetically Altered  Organism and Genetically Manipulated Organism . Is this something you want in your body? If it can be avoided, please avoid eating and drinking anything grown from a GMO crop. 
How do I know the food is GMO? Good question. If you live in California (like I do), you had the chance to vote YES on 37 in November. The Yes on 37 meant YES label GMO fruits and vegetables. Sadly, this proposition did not pass because Monsanto and others like them defeated the grassroots effort to label GMO foods. If our foods were labeled "Non-GMO", we would have a choice to eat or not to eat GMO foods. Now, Monsanto, who makes GMO seeds, is immune from any lawsuit or whatever is thrown their way.

It will be a miracle if another state can get their Non-GMO labels on their fruits and vegetables.

To your health!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Healthy Cookies with Aspartame Sweetner?

This morning I was looking for a recipe for healthy cookies on this one cooking website. I found this one recipe that asked the baker to use 1 tablespoon, not teaspoon, but 1 tablespoon of aspartame sweetener. One tablespoon, that is a lot of chemical sweetener in its raw form. This is an oxymoron. Aspartame sweetener, do you know what this is and what it does to your brain? This sweetener is far from being healthy and should not be consumed, ever. If you want to stay or get healthy, hearing that aspartame is good for you is not true.

Let me give you, my readers, some truths you need to know in order to get or stay healthy. I am not sure who the author is of this recipe, but a sugarless health cookie, with aspartame, is far from healthy.

Aspartame is also known by its popular names such as: Found on Gather. Some other "sweeteners" are Splenda, AmminoSweet, Neotame, E951. E951 is sometimes listed on food products to mask these common sweeter names or products with sugar. It is good to know your enemy and aspartame is indeed the body and minds enemy.  There are actually boxes of Aspartame, the chemical name, in grocery stores near you as well. When shopping in any grocery store, if this chemical, yes chemical, is on your grocery shelf, do not pick it up.

This chemical was "discovered" by "accident" in 1965 by James Schlatter  a chemist of G.D. Searle Company, was testing an anti-ulcer drug.Well, his accidental discovery has harmed so many lives, I am sure he is well pleased by the outcome of his "discovery". After it's discovery, it was approved for dry goods and carbonated sodas like Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi in 1981. Yes, these diet soda's, how are they really helping to lose weight, let alone make one healthy?

Now, this chemical, not real sugar, was originally approved for dry goods in 1974, but objections filed by neuroscience researcher Dr John W. Olney and Consumer attorney James Turner in August 1974 as well as investigations of G.D. Searle's research practices caused the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to put approval of aspartame on hold (December 5, 1974). In 1985, Monsanto purchased G.D. Searle and made Searle Pharmaceuticals and The NutraSweet Company separate subsidiaries.

Then, in 1985, Monsanto purchased G.D. Searle and made Searle Pharmaceuticals and The NutraSweet Company separate subsidiaries. This is a whole different topic I will write about to warn  you of what these companies are doing to our health and how we need to be informed to protect our health from these companies wanting to deliberately injure our person.

Aspartame is made from these three chemicals:
  • Aspartic acid
  • Phenylalanine
  • Methanol
Are these chemicals you want in your body? Do you want chemicals in your body anyway? There are chemicals in all the foods and drinks on the shelves at big name chain grocery stores. If consumers kept those grocery store shelves stocked, big name companies like:
  • Kraft brands/Crystal Light
  • 1st Step Weight loss
  • Glee Gum (I thought this was aspartame free because the packaging did not list this).
  • Coca-cola
  • PepsiCo
  • Bayer Corp.
  • Dannon Company
  • William Wrigley Jr. Company
  • ConAgra Foods
  • Wyeth, Inc.
  • The NutraSweet Company
  • Altria Corp. (parent company of Kraft Foods and Philip Morris)
  • WalMart
This means every "junk" food you like is laced or includes aspartame. I know it takes time to read every product label, but if your health is important to you, reading labels will be worth your time. It is just best to assume all diet soda's contain aspartame and it is not worth your health to keep drinking them. You are only allowed one body and it is best to keep it healthy. Now, even if you no longer drink or eat products with aspartame, this does not mean it is not doing what is was meant to do. In high school and college, I drank Diet Coke like it was water, twenty years later, I am reaping what I sowed. I will write about this in another article.

Here are some more resources I used for this article:
  1. NewsMediaExplorer
  2. UKFoodGuide
It was not until three years ago I found out about the dangers of aspartame from listening to Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Monteith and his guests who know about aspartame. Since that time, I really have looked for ingredients without aspartame, especially sweet ingredients like organic dark chocolate chips other products from Tropical Traditions. Oh, and some more products I have began to use, and they are amazing, are from doTerra. These essential oils, et al, will not only give your body and mind a calmness, but are made with the  health of their costumers in mind.

On my next articles, I will write about what illnesses are, more likely than not, caused by ingesting aspartame, MSG, and the products for the company Monsanto who is up to no good. I advise you to do more research than what I will provide to you as there are scoffers who will give you claims of aspartame being "good for you" and not "dangerous to your health" (as they claim is a myth).

Monday, January 21, 2013

Borax, Oh You Mean The Cleaning Detergent!

Oh yeah, I love this product. It is like no other. I do recall my Mom using this as a kid. This product has been around for a long time. In fact, Borax is the common name for sodium tetraborate. This happens to be a naturally occurring substance produced by the perpetual evaporation of seasonal lakes.

If you are wondering what is added to this detergent, there is nothing whatsoever added to this detergent. There are no phosphates, no chlorine or any other chemicals that would harm you and you precious family.

Does your home have hard water? Well a lot of homes do and my home is one of them. The Borax naturally softens hard water. This protects the detergent you might already be using. This allows your clothes to actually come out clean where they will not need to be cleaned again.

For whatever Purex detergent you are already using, all you need to add to your current load of laundry is a 1/2 cup of 20 Mule Team Borax to every load. After you begin using this 20 Mule Team Borax, you will wonder what took you so long to buy and use this product.

As you continue to use 20 Mule Team Borax, you will find it:
  • Naturally softens hard water
  • Improves your detergent's cleaning power
  • Helps to keep stains from being re-deposited back on clothes
If you are looking for a miracle detergent, this is one that you have to use in every load. I have seen the difference in the way my clothes feel, the scent of my clothes and the colors.

Borax provided me with a free sample
of their product so I could review them.
However, all of the opinions expressed
here are my own.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Enemy of God=enemy of America

I was reading Bradlee Dean's recent article titled, "Enemy of God=enemy of America". It is such a shame America has come this far to think that we are still, today fighting over religion and our religions practices. I am reading this sample book right now titled, "England's Greatest Queens: Elizabeth and Victoria". This book-where I read until the sample ran out-spoke about the Catholic Church and the things King Henry VIII did to annul his "marriages". He seemed to not like the Church and he wanted to "become the church" so he could make up the rules as he saw fit.

Well, this somewhat sounds like today, with the Christian church in America. Not only is this somewhat happening in America, but it is taking away the reason why pilgrims left England in the first place, to flee the persecution of Christians and being forced to serve a religion under the King of England. The only thing was, when the pilgrims came to America, they were all serving the God of the Holy Bible. They refused to be under the rule of a King who frowned upon non Catholics and the King became the church.

As America grew, Christianity became the religion of the land and this has been the religion of America ever since. If you are not aware of this, the colonies, at first carried over their religious persecution, each to its own colony. At the beginning of the America's, the US Constitution, then, was rather novel among the colonies in allowing anyone to practice their (Christian) religion. So, I will replace this paragraph where on my article? The First Amendment, in part reads, that Congress shall not make any law prohibiting the “free exercise” of religion.” In other words, this is religious freedom.

This only became an issue when Communism infiltrated America. How could this be? Who allowed this to happen and why did it happen at all? Well, Bradlee Dean tells us in his column, Enemy of God=enemy of America. Bradlee tells his readers how atheists and humanists are more than willing to 'stir the pot' to change, or remove, altogether a religion (actually Christianity is not a religion, but a relationship with Christ) that has been in America since its founding.

It is sad to see how the minority are 'overthrowing' the majority and Christians are allowing this to happen. It is awesome though how there are some groups, especially in my state, SaveCalifornia, who really do want to save California and keep Christianity intact.

If Christians do not know their Christian heritage or why the pilgrims really came to America, then is it any wonder why America is losing its religion (relationship with God)? Slowly, the Christian colleges and universities began taking God out and bring atheism in. How could this happen and why was it allowed to happen?

Indoctrination, oh this is just a little part. With indoctrination comes disobedience and turning America's back on God. Our God who is sovereign and therefore made America sovereign that made America a "shining city on a hill".

All of a sudden, professors in once Christian universities are rewording and taking out altogether Christian doctrine and 'showing students' why 'there is no God' and even our presidents lie to fit an agenda. Well, what do you think these professors and universities are doing? They are mocking God above all and when Jesus comes to retrieve His church, the first word they will, more likely than yout say is, "Oh God, oh God!". Shame, these professors should feel nothing but shame for their behavior and turning college students against the God who created them, in His imagae.

God does not lie, man does and these atheists and humanists will have a heavy price to pay for their disobedience to the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.
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