Friday, June 7, 2013

Planting Heirloom Corn, other Veggies and Fruits this Season

Oh yeah, I have had a really good, first growing year with three types of Lettuce, Carrots and some Onions. For Christmas last year my parents gave me a raised veggie garden bed and I have been using it from various veggies that do to grow up, but out.

I tried growing Red Cabbage, but only the leaves (which are very big) grew. I will try again next year. I also tried Broccoli, but that also did not grow. Right now though, I am growing Cantaloupe and Watermelon in my veggie garden box.

Since Winter, I have been "building" my compost pile inside a plastic garbage can, with lid, and adding some veggie scraps, shredded paper and some leaves as they fell. Well, I have begun mixing the compost with my garden bagged dirt and all of a sudden other fruit and veggies have begun to grow! I really am not sure what they are yet. It looks like they could be potatoes and more Cantaloupe!

The Watermelon I am attempting to grow looks like it is being eaten from bugs of some sort.

Well, along with these fruits and veggies, I am growing tomatoes and they plant is really beginning to grow tall. Yeah! I am so glad, but I did not plant my Jalapenos at the right time, winter, so I will not have any this yeah and when I went to OSH to look for a plant, all they had was sweet peppers....YUCK...

Along with the above veggies, and fruits, I am doing all I can to grow Corn, Green Beans and Zucchini (Three Sisters). These plants are growing..just not as fast as they probably should because they are not in full sunlight.

Anyway, I will take some pics tomorrow and post them here, in another post for you to see.

Ciao for now!

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