Friday, August 16, 2013

My Backyard Garden Box

Last Christmas my parents gave me a garden box for my backyard. At that time, I only put together one box. Well, this week I put together the other box and placed it next to the other box. Yesterday my hubby and one of my twins went to one of our home garden stores and bought three bags of garden soil. Last night we put one in the box and today I put in another bag. 

After the bags were added, I watered the soil, let it sit for a while, then I sowed some seeds for lettuce, spinach and zucchini. I think the spinach and zucchini might not grow at this time, I never know...I do hope it begins to get cooler so the lettuce will grow. I have sowed three types of lettuce: salad mix, head and some other type. 

I certainly love sowing seeds, heirloom seeds, in my vegetable. True, it takes time to see the results, if any at all, from my sowing seeds, but it is exciting to see these tiny vegetable seeds grow and grow. So far since I began sowing seeds last winter, I have eaten lettuce and squash, hoping to eat my tomatoes. My tomatoes are turning red! Yeah. 

I tried to grow red cabbage last winter, but they did not grow. The plants grew and they were awesome, but no cabbage. I will try again this winter and keep trying until I see some results.

Well, here are some pictures of what I have right now in my vegetable garden.


Two of my beefsteak tomatoes. One more is growing, it is behind the red tomatoes.

This is my Cantelope growing. More flowers then fruit yet. I just planted three types of Carrots and Pumpkin seeds.

This is supposed to be an apple tree. I have never seen what apples trees look like growing, so I shall see. Emma planted these apple seeds. I think it is a Granny Smith.

These are supposed to be cherry seeds and or lettuce? The one on the left looks like lettuce and cherry (maybe?) on right. Abby planted the cherry seeds.

This is my new garden box. I sowed thee types of lettuce this morning, spinach and zucchini. I really hope, and pray, they begin growing. But, it is still hot as it is August...I shall see.

Finally, these are two colors of Morning Glory flowers. As they began growing, it began wrapping around the trellis. I did not like that so I attached some sticky hooks to the fence and put the flowers on the hooks. The hooks fall off sometimes, I just keep re attaching them. The flowers are a light purple and pink.

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