Monday, September 30, 2013

The Fall and Winter Season is the Time to Get Warm and Cozy

With the weather changing from either very hot and warm to cool, breezy and very cold, it is time to bring out those cool weather clothes. Well, just as people like to stay warm in the cooler weather, so to does the Cozy Soap. Cozy Soap you say. Yeah, have you ever heard of the Cozy Soap Company? If not, it is time you have. There are a lot of soap companies they sell all sorts of soaps made with a variety of ingredients. But, are those ingredients good for your body? Did you know that the soap scrubbed on the outside of the body also affects the inside? This is true and this is why when looking at, and purchasing, a soap, it is important to read all ingredients.

Just as it is vital to read all food ingredients, the same applies for body soap. Eating healthy food, is just as important as using soaps made with ingredients one can pronounce and understand.

 At the Cozy Soap Company, they care for their customers and want them look at all their amazing soaps made from their West Los Angeles store which can also be purchased online. The fun thing about these soaps is they can be purchased with their own cozy sweater. Yeah, they get their own sweater and it is so cute

There are a lot of delicious soaps, not to be eaten by the way, that your skin will thank you for. These are the types of soaps to look at and purchase:

  • LIMITED EDITION: Pumpkin Pie Loofah Soap with Cozy
  • Calming Tea Soap with Cozy
  • Coconut, Milk and Honey Soap with Cozy
  • Coffee Dream Soap with Cozy
  • Lavender Vanilla Soap (no Cozy)
  • Soap of the Month Club 
I just love these soaps! I just found them online and liked them on Facebook and Pintrest. Since ingredients are important to me, I will be buying these soaps from now on. It is worth it to not only have the cute Cozy sweater with soap inside, but the cozies can be purchased separately too!

  • Vanilla
  • Coconut
  • LIMITED TIME Pumpkin Pie with Cozy

Finally, if your bodies skin in important to you, I bet your lips are as well. Well, now your lips can be taken care of with the Signature Lip Balm with Cozy. Some of the lip balms include: 

So now, not only will your skin feel good, and smell good, so to will your lips. The last thing one wants is dry elbows, knees and lips this Fall and Winter season. Take care of yourself today, there is no time to waste. Oh, one more thing, that Pumpkin Pie Cozy Soap Loofah is amazing! I love it because it is infused with the soap. This is a brilliant idea adding the loofah with the soap. This soap company is great and I am so glad I found them when I did.

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