Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pamper Myself Day with Bubalina

Before my precious twins were born,  I used to set aside a day to 'Pamper Myself". This day was usually Saturday or Sunday. Well, now that my twins are in school I can resume my Pamper Myself Day. There is the new product I found to allow me to do just that. This product is by the company Bubalina. This website, company that is, is awesome! I love all the products they are making and selling. The one thing that really drew me to them is Bubalina uses all natural ingredients, are not tested on animals and is Paraben free.

Right now, these are the two products I am using and really like them:
Cherry Marzipan Body Butter and Cherry Marzipan Body Sugar Scrub

Bubalina sells more than just body butter and sugar scrubs though. Just as these are an important factor in having a 'pamper yourself day', so to is taking care of your hair and filling any room in your home with a candle scent that will put you in the true mood one wants when pampering themselves. I have not used the shampoo or conditioner yet, but they look nice and I will have to purchase them soon.

There is no need to forgo being pampered when Bubalina is around to show you the ways to pamper yourself at home and even have a Pampering 'Girls Nite Out' with these gift sets. One way to put a smile on your friends or families face for birthdays or Christmas, will be to give them a gift set or individual products that will have them starting their own Pamper Myself days.

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