Thursday, November 7, 2013

There is nothing better than chocolate on the go

For those who love chocolate, and I am one of 'those' people, it is always great to have some in a purse or backpack or even car. The one thing about chocolate though is, it melts. Melting chocolate can cause such a mess and this is something that has to be changed. Well, this melting issue has been changed. One company, I found online, Ek-Chok, sells their chocolate in little pouches. These pouches come in more than one flavor and will not melt, unless the chocolate lover, like myself, rub the chocolate in between their fingers. Oh yeah, chocolate is so delicious and a must have in my home, but now when I buy chocolate, I know I can buy organic chocolate as well.

This is the best type of chocolate to buy and eat because the last thing anyone wants in their body, and mind, is a chocolate that tastes like plastic or is made with a chemical based sugar. Organic chocolates are the only way to go and there is no guilt when taking time for oneself and eating chocolate at home or on the go. These organic chocolates are something not a lot of people know about, but they certainly are something people will hear about now and go out of their way to look for, and purchase.

These chocolates contain these ingredients and make eating and spreading, this chocolate all the more pleasurable: These chocolates are known as a superfood because they contain minerals and several unqie and varied healthy properties for our bodies and minds. These chocolates are from Venezuelan Cacao Criollo and also contain magnesium, iron and antixoidants. Other ingredients include blueberries, black and green teas and red wine.

These chocolates are, by far, the best type of chocolate one can eat and be healthy all at the same time. The flavors available to any and all chocolate lovers are as follows:
  • Chocolate paste Cardomom
  • Chocolate paste Licorice
  • Chocolate paste Strawberry
  • Chocolate paste Vanilla
  • Chocolate paste Rose
These are all great flavors and I have used them all, well eaten them all. All you have to do is warm them up in between your fingers, or sometimes I put them in warm water for a while. These chocolate paste pouches can also be spread on cupcakes, which I have done as well.

So, buy some flavors, put them in your purse, your backpack and enjoy!

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