Friday, December 20, 2013

The Finest Assortment of Chocolates Begin with Merci-International Chocolates

For those who know me, they know I love chocolate. I could eat chocolate all day long. In fact, I usually do eat, and drink, chocolate all day long. It is my one weakness and it is just not easy to say no to. Honestly, how can one say no to a super indulgent chocolate, especially when it is made my the Merci International Chocolate company.

Here, listen to the Merci song while I tell you more about their company. When I was looking for a new chocolate, this is the company I came across. Before this year, I had not heard of Merci Chocolates before, and I thought I knew a lot about chocolates. Well, these chocolates are just amazing. The Merci International Chocolate company has been around since 1965. Chocolate lovers in European countries like Germany and Sweden loved the little individually-wrapped chocolates and this is when the chocolates because a big hit also in countries like Singapore, Slovenia and the United States of America.

 The Merci chocolates come individually wrapped in these flavors:

  • Cream Truffle
  • Hazelnut-Almond
  • Praline-Creme
  • Dark Cream 
With the immense popularity of the Merci chocolate brand, they have begun selling their chocolates on Amazon. Yeah, now all you  have to do is go to Amazon and purchase Merci chocolates from the comfort of your own home.  Merci chocolates come in a variety of assortments for all the chocolate lovers out there. The assortments are as follows:

Since this was my first time trying the chocolates, I just tasted the Everyday assortment. Well, I loved them. The individually wrapped chocolates I loved the most though were the filled chocolates.

Honestly, I could have eaten them all in one day, but I held back and I now have 5 left, plus I was sharing them with neighbors. Yes, these chocolates make for great gifts and what a better way to say "Thank you" and "I Love You", than with a box or two of Merci International Chocolates...

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