Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Simply Snacking Is Fine, But What Are You Simply Snackin On?

Snacking, for the most part, is something people like to do. There are so many things to snack on today. Sadly though, there seems to be more unhealthy snacking foods. This is changing though, consumers are raising their voices and telling food companies they want more healthy snacking foods. Snack foods does not have to equal unhealthy foods anymore.

These days, new companies are being created to fill the niche for healthy, even gluten-free, snacks. One such company that is filling this niche for healthy snacks is Simply Snackin. The Simply Snackin food company was created by Tom and Sue Kramlich. Tom and Sue appreciate the simple things in life and this includes the outdoors, they family, friends and good food and health. With a combined 40 years in the food industry, together they decided to build a company that would provide great tasting meat products, with no fillers, added chemicals or low quality ingredients.

With their desire to make and sell quality meat products, they came up with Simply Snackin jerky meat products that come in a variety of delicious flavors.

When one usually sees a jerky meat product, it is only made with beef, but the jerky made by Simply Snackin come in Beef and Chicken. These two types of meat are a great way to have a slice of meat, in the type of meat you want, and flavor you want.  The beef comes in beef sirloin flavors of Apples & Cherries, Cranberries & Blueberries and Teriyaki Beef Sirlion & Pineapples.

These beef flavors are very different when it comes to flavors of beef jerky. But, these are not the only flavors. There is also the chicken flavors to try as well.  The chicken comes in Chicken Breast with Black Bean Salsa, Chicken Breast with Seasonings & Romano and Teriyaki Chicken Breast with Mango & Papaya.

It is so nice to have more than one, or two, companies, that make jerky today, especially when this company wants to make a snack that is really good for you. These snacks are great for putting in a purse, a pocket, a backpack or vehicle glove compartment too. In fact, these Simply Snackin jerky snacks are great to share with family and friends alike.

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