Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pretzel Crisps© are thin and come is a variety of flavors

If you are a pretzel lover like I am, you will have to try the more than one flavors from Pretzel Crisps. Now, I have not tried every single flavor, yet, but I have to say my favorites so far are the hot and or spicy flavors. I just love hot and spicy snacks. So, the Pretzel Crisps I have eaten and keep purchasing are the:

 Deli Family

flavors which can be eaten alone, or with a tasty piece of cheese or veggies on top. Each package of Pretzel Crisps comes with a suggestion on how they can be eaten as well. Other flavors I have tried and like as well are the original flavor, garlic parmesan, honey mustard & onion and sea salt & cracked pepper. Each flavor tastes exactly as you would imagine they would taste and are excellent to eat on the go, in the car, to put out for snacks when having a home gathering, sharing with co workers and snacking throughout the day.

Now, there are even newer flavors, I have yet to try and they are the modern classics and minis. Oh, and if you really like seasonal snacks, Pretzel Crisps now has seasonal indulgents like dark chocolate & peppermint and white chocolate & peppermint flavors. As I was walking through my grocery store a couple weeks ago, I came upon a bag of the dark chocolate & peppermint bag of Pretzel Crisps and had to buy them. These two flavors are just delicious together, they were also on sale.


To learn the whole story about how this fun snack came into being, read about the story here. Sara and Warren Wilson are dedicated to their food products and love sharing their ideas with the world. Now, it is your turn to share these delicious snacks with your family and friends alike.

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