Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Do You Take a Shower or Bath with Natural Soaps, Fizzies or Scrubs?

Taking a shower, or bath, is something people do on a daily basis. So, it is important to use a shower or bath product that is good for your skin. Did you know that what you use on the outside of your body, affects the inside of your body as well? This is why it is important you read all labels and learn what the ingredients are of the products you decide to scrub on all over your body.

Well, I just recently found this company online named The Soap Shack Baby. This company is new and amazing! The owner, Tiffany and James Meek, started their company in 2013 in the town on Lakeport, California. Tiffany grew up watching her Mom make soaps and other natural products and believes, like her Mom, that there are healing properties in nature. James, who deals with allergies, thought making homemade soaps would help deal with the allergies and now, he makes the soaps and other natural products with his wife, Tiffany.

 So, when I found The Soap Shack Baby, of course, I was looking for all natural and healthy soaps. I wanted some solid soaps and I have begun using thing again instead of that liquid soap found in 'other' soap stores found in malls and such.  I was so excited to find The Soap Shack Baby and the first soaps I used were Pick Me Up Baby!, Goat Milk? Yeah Baby and Lavender My Bath Baby. Of course, there are other cool soaps, scented or unscented, for your shower and bath pleasure.

The soaps I plan to purchase next are Coconut, Coconut Sugar Scrub and the Chardonnay Wine soap. Oh, it is so exciting for find body products that really good to use on your body and lips and made with love. I mean, Tiffany and James really care about their customers, just as they care what they are using on themselves and for their family and friends. When it comes to creating new soaps, scrubs and other natural body products, for Tiffany and James, it is all about their community and their new online customers.

Never, ever go another day without using natural and good for your whole body soaps, scrubs and lip balms that are not made by The Soap Shack Baby.  Oh! And one more thing, when you open your account with The Soap Shack Baby, everything you place an order, you receive points that will add up and you can use those points towards your next purchase. How cool is that!

And finally, when you buy any of The Soap Shack Baby solid soaps, when you remove the paper that surrounds the soap, you can plant the paper! Yeah, it is made with seeds that will sprout! Now, I bet you do not know of a company that literally, gives back to nature in this fashion, right?

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