Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Have You Found Your Handcrafted Soaps at My Way Soaps Yet?

It is amazing how many companies, big and small, make and sell liquid body soaps these days. For the longest time I was using liquid body soaps from a popular body soap store. Then one day I realized that these soaps are not really healthy for the body. You see, what is used on the outside of the body will also find its way inside the body. This is when I began looking for natural, or organic, body soaps not only online, but in stores as well.

These days, one can find a lot of healthy body bar soaps that are made with natural, healthy and organic ingredients. In fact, bar soaps can be made with ingredients one can pronounce. Being able to pronounce the ingredients in any product is important, especially for individuals looking to keep their inside, and outside, healthy from the beginning.

Well, one day I was searching online for some natural bar body soaps and came across this company, MyWaySoap. The owner and creator of MyWaySoap, Austin Sandusky, began thinking of ways to keep his skin healthy and nourished in the cold, harsh, Iowa winter months. Austin began creating natural soaps with the ingredients he could pronounce and as he made the soaps, he would hand some out to his family and friends as well.

It is amazing how well one feels when they begin using all natural and even good smelling handmade soaps people want to purchase and use.

When I found the MyWaySoap website, I was excited and the two soaps I purchased were the ExfoliatingOatmeal Soap and the CoconutKiwi Soap. As soon as the package arrived at my home, I could smell the oatmeal soap coming through the box! Eagerly, I found my scissors and began cutting through the tape so I could make my way to the scent that was exciting my senses.

Exfoliating Oatmeal Soap - Natural Soap, Handmade Soap, Detox Soap, Vegan Soap, Oatmeal SoapCoconut and Kiwi Soap - Natural Soap, Handmade Soap, Detox Soap, Vegan Soap, Soap
 As I opened the box and found the clothe bag with the oatmeal scent, I quickly opened it and brought the soap to my nose and inhaled. Oh, it smelled divine. If this oatmeal soap had such a divine scent to it, I could only imagine what it would do for my skin.

The next day, I took a shower and with a smile on my face, I began rubbing my body washer with the oatmeal soap and scrubbed my body from top to bottom with this oatmeal scented body bar soap. The next day, I did the same thing with the Coconut Kiwi body bar soap and my body has never felt better.

This winter, as the cold chill returns to the Central Valley, I know the MyWaySoap's will be the only product to keep my skin healthy and nourished.

Austin makes 11 types of soaps right now, but I am sure he will create more soaps to tingle the senses and nourish the skin.

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