Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring, Glorious Spring.....and Allergies!

With the onset of Spring, glorious Spring, allergies are on the rise. Allergy symptoms are occuring for my family and friends. With this said, they are beginning to look for OTC allergy medicines. My question is simply this: Why? With the Lemon Essential Oil I am selling, there is no need to even think about buying any OTC allergy medicine. 
The Lemon Essential Oil on my website will take care of the allergy sneezing and feelings of a cold coming on during this Spring season. http://www.mydoterra.com/monicacurran/. The Lemon Essential Oil (Citrus limon) in my Family Physician Kit has already been used by my hubby and two friends. This essential oil packs a powerful punch not only with its powerful aromatic scent, but also its topical and internal cleanser that can be used alone, or with a combination of other essential oils.

If you have a diffuser, humidifier, all you need to do is add a drop or two to the water, turn on the diffuser and allow the Lemon to cleanse the air around you. This Lemon essential oil is also excellent as a surface cleaner in kitchens and bathrooms without using toxic chemicals. 

Now is the time, and season, for you to check out my website and purchase some Lemon Essential Oil..http://www.mydoterra.com/monicacurran/

(Beginner's Trio Kit)

Friday, March 13, 2015

The Glass French Press of all Glass French Presses

My Dad has been using a French Press for a while now and I never really knew what they were, or how to use them, until I was given one to try out. Well, all I have to say is, I LOVE IT! Really, this is an amazing coffee maker. Let's see, I only added two tablespoons of coarse coffee to the bottom of the press, added about 5 to 6 cups of HOT water over the coffee, then placed the cover over the hot water and turned on my timer for 5 minutes. After I allowed it to steep for 5 minutes, I pushed down in the press and my coffee was done.

My coffee was not bitter either, like it usually is with a 'regular' coffeemaker. Nope, I was able to drink my coffee, with some added real sugar, no fake sugar here my friends, and drink my fresh cup of hot, but not too hot, coffee.

I recommend this Glass French Press to all my family and friends alike.

**Disclaimer: This was given to me in exchange for a fair and honest review.**

Thursday, March 12, 2015

This Coconut Carrier Oil For Your Skin Is Amazing

The smell of coconut oil is amazing. I love the scent whether it be winter, spring, summer or fall. When this coconut carrier oil arrived at my  home I was so excited to open the box and begin smoothing it on my arms, legs and neck. This product is for external use only and my girls even like it.

This fractionated coconut oil offers benefits such as being lightweight, while providing an effective barrier for mine, and your, skin without clogging up the pores.  This fractionated coconut oil is a  must-have for someone with dry or sensitive skin. 

When you want to have a feeling of smooth and hydrated, never greasy or sticky, skin, you will want to purchase and use this fractionated coconut oil. Every bottle contains 100% pure and natural fractionated coconut oil. This will be perfect for use in lotions, soaps, hair care products, adding to an ointment and possible DIY health and beauty treatments you might want to make. 

If you are looking for a colorless and odorless coconut oil, this is what you need. It will incorporate with other oils you might use, without altering their scent or effectiveness.

**Disclaimer: This product was given to me in exchange for an honest and fair review**

This will be the first, and last, water hose you will ever need

If you have had more than one water hose in your lifetime, and they do not connect correctly to the spigot, then you will be ecstatic with this new water hose. Just like all the water hoses I have owned before this water hose, they do not fit correctly when connected to the spigot. Water comes out all over the place and your legs, pants and grass gets completely wet. This is a sign that the water hose is not working as it was designed to do.

On the otherhand, this Expandable Hose is amazing! When I removed my other water hose, and attached this expandable hose to the spiqot, then turned on the water....not a single drop of water escaped the spigot. I was amazed and pretty much jumping up and down with joy. Not only does this water hose expand to 75 feet and will go back to the way it look in this photo below.

Oh, this is the very best water hose you will ever purchase, and use. This hose also is lightweight and does not get tangled, get kinked and there is a 100% money back guarantee. Now is the time for you to purchase this most amazing expandable water hose you will ever use.

**Disclaimer: This hose was given to me in exchange for an honest and fair review.**


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Glow Sticks are so much fun! My girls love Glow Sticks!

Oh these are so much fun to play with, especially for kids. My girls just love playing with then and with Independence Day just around the corner, they will be playing with these even more. But, as you can see, these glow sticks can be used all the time, just as long as the sun goes down.

My girls love all the colors these glow sticks come in and that they are easy to make into bracelets, necklaces, jumpropes and even designs on their bedroom walls.  If you want the glow sticks to last longer than one night, they can be put in the freezer too. I do this a lot, especially in the summer time.

Ever since my girls were toddlers, they have been playing with glow sticks and they are just so much fun, especially when summer time comes around or you just want to have fun when the sun goes down. All you have to do is bend the sticks for the colors to be activated and connect each stick to the connectors inside the packaging. 

Fun begins with glow sticks!

**Disclaimer: I was given these glow sticks in exchange for a fair, and honest, review.**



Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Calming and Relaxing Essential Oils like Lavender and Peppermint are Amazing

When my girls are having a not so easy time going to bed, I will rub a little bit of the Lavender Essential Oil on their foreheads or behind their ears. This essential oil smells so good and will make going to sleep easy. Well, I would say it helps my girls go to sleep in less than 20 minutes that is. This is also a great essential oil to use in a bath. All you need is a drop, or two, for a nice and relaxing bath, for "me time".

Another way this can be used is in a water bottle sprayer. Just add one drop of the Lavender Oil to a bottle sprayer full of water, shake it and spray your pillows, the air in your home and sheets for a nice scented home and whatever else needs a refreshing scent.

One other essential oil I like to use is Peppermint. This Peppermint Essential Oil is taken from the dried or fresh leaves of the Mentha Piperita herb. This herb is what gives this essential oil such a menthol type of fragrance. This essential oil has a sweet, yet minty, type of scent and is excellent, just like the Lavender Essential Oil, being used in a water bottle sprayer and excellent for aromatherapy and massages. 

Peppermint Essential Oils are also good to use of one has a headache and is looking for some tranquility.

**Disclaimer: These essential oils were given to me in exchange for an honest and fair review.**

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Using an LED Headlamp While Walking is Excellent

This is an awesome product to use while walking, running, hiking as the sun goes down. My goodness, this can even be worn in the day time. This light moves too, it goes up, stays in the center and moves down. So, this is somewhat like a car headlight.

The only difference is, this headlamp, when the button above the lamp, is clicked on, the light can become brighter and even red. I love this headlamp. It is an awesome invention for those who want to be seen at night if they want do some walking, running or hiking as the sun goes down.

The best thing about this headlamp, in my opinion, is that it is adjustable. This will fit on adults and kids heads, hats or helmets. This is great for taking on camping trips or just walking around your neighborhood. The LED Headlamp light, which is hands free, makes it some much fun to be outside walking, running or hiking as well.

This headlamp is also shock resistant and the glass is ultra strong, so it will not break. The battery lasts up to 16 hours as well.

**Disclaimer: This was given to me to try our, in exchange for an honest and fair review.**   


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