Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Calming and Relaxing Essential Oils like Lavender and Peppermint are Amazing

When my girls are having a not so easy time going to bed, I will rub a little bit of the Lavender Essential Oil on their foreheads or behind their ears. This essential oil smells so good and will make going to sleep easy. Well, I would say it helps my girls go to sleep in less than 20 minutes that is. This is also a great essential oil to use in a bath. All you need is a drop, or two, for a nice and relaxing bath, for "me time".

Another way this can be used is in a water bottle sprayer. Just add one drop of the Lavender Oil to a bottle sprayer full of water, shake it and spray your pillows, the air in your home and sheets for a nice scented home and whatever else needs a refreshing scent.

One other essential oil I like to use is Peppermint. This Peppermint Essential Oil is taken from the dried or fresh leaves of the Mentha Piperita herb. This herb is what gives this essential oil such a menthol type of fragrance. This essential oil has a sweet, yet minty, type of scent and is excellent, just like the Lavender Essential Oil, being used in a water bottle sprayer and excellent for aromatherapy and massages. 

Peppermint Essential Oils are also good to use of one has a headache and is looking for some tranquility.

**Disclaimer: These essential oils were given to me in exchange for an honest and fair review.**

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