Friday, August 28, 2015

Activated Charcoal Has Excellent Health Benefits

Yes, this is true that activated charcoal does have excellent health benefits. If you are looking to detoxify your body, whiten your teeth,  issues with bloating or even a possible food poisoning issue, then you should always have this Activated Charcoal in hand.

These charcoal capsules are great to carry around with you in a small container and can be taken in the morning, on an empty stomach with a full glass of water. The great thing about these capsules is they are tasteless. The last thing one wants to do is taste the charcoal right?

If you are not a fan of swallowing a capsule, you can easily open the capsules and put the powder in water and rub it on your teeth to remove a coffee or tea residue. When I use the charcoal capsules, I prefer to open them up in a glass of water and use on my teeth.

**In full disclosure: this product was given to me to try out and give my honest and fair opinion.**

Apple Slices are Cut Better with an Apple Slicer

 Oh I love apples. They can be either sweet or tart. I like both these flavors. My favorite apple, of all apples though, is the Pink Lady. Oh it tastes like candy and is not around year round.

With this said, when eating any apple, I highly suggest you cut it into slices. Eating apple slices is a fun way to share your apple with family and friends and is great for dipping into any sauce. 

Cutting apples into slices, with this Johnny Apple Slicer also saves on letting any apple go to waste because when biting into a full apple, it is more likely to not be eaten right away. It is highly likely a full apple will be placed down on a table, with all intents of the person eating the apple, to come back and finish it off.

When an apple is cut into slices, it makes eating an apple quicker and easier to share with family and friends. Also, either before, or after cutting an apple, it can be peeled if a person so desires.

Looking for a healthy snack is right at your fingertips when using the Johnny Apple Slicer to make eating an apple fun and easy to share.

 **In full disclosure: this product was given to me in exchange for a fair and honest opinion.**

Have You Been Looking For a Lightweight Water Bottle Holder? I Found One, Just For You.

Drinking water, or any other liquid drink in a 1L or 1.5L bottle is great. But, it is not always great to be holding it in your hands all the time. As much as we love to drink water, for health reasons and to keep us hydrated, it is not always great having to hold it in our hands all the time.

With this said, it is time to find a water bottle holder. Well, when I was given this awesome water bottle holder to try out, I was excited because I do not have to hold my water bottles anymore.

This is an awesome product because it is lightweight and keeps any drink, warm or cold. It is like a little wet suit, if you will. This Neoprene Water Bottle Holder has an adjustable strap and is great for going on walks, jogging, running, going to the beach, going to school and just being outdoors in general.

My girls like to use this at school to keep their water cold, especially when the weather is so hot right now.

Yes, I really like this product and highly recommend it for any person who likes the outdoors and anything that can be done outdoors.

**In full disclosure: this product was given to me for a fair and honest review.**

This Jojoba Oil is Smooth and Wonderful for my Face

If you have never tried Jojoba Oil, it is time you do. Did you know that Jojoba Oil is derived from the seed of the Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) plant? This is true and it is a native plant to southern Arizona, southern California, and northwestern Mexico.

With any oil I use, I like to smell it. This oil has a somewhat nutty scent to it. I like to also use this Jojoba Oil as a carrier oil to lessen the strength of any concentrated essential oil. This is just an excellent oil to always have in your home. It is great for health, beauty treatments like massages, spas, salons and this is great to use for mustaches and beards.

The best thing about this Jojoba oil is it is made in the USA.

**In full disclosure: this oil was given to me in exchange for a fair and honest opinion of this product.**


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

This is The Best Carpet Stain Cleaner I have Ever Used....

When it comes to carpet stain cleaners, this also works well with upholstery, this is the very best. It works instantly and right before your eyes. There is no need to walk away from the stain, them come back..oh no, this stain cleaner works right before your eyes and is amazing.

I really like this stain cleaner because it is not sticky and wipes off easily from the carpet after the stain is gone.  This cleaner has been tested by professional carpet cleaners and the founder of, Peter MacDonald, has over 20 years experience with dirty carpets.

Whether your carpets, or upholstery, have stain like: COFFEE, GREASE, PET STAINS AND ODORS, URINE, SUGARY DRINKS, GENERAL GRIME, AND MORE, should be the only thing you are reaching for to remove the above, and more, stains.

**In Full Disclosure: This product was given to me to try out and give my honest opinion on.

Oh, I just LOVE this water bottle. It Is Fun to Use and Drink Out of.

Water, we all need it. Our bodies need it, everyday. This is an excellent way to drink water, just add fruit to the bottle. This is a fun way to add fruit to your water without the fruit turning bad and falling to the bottom of the bottle.

When I was pregnant, almost 10 years ago, even before this was popular, I was adding lemon and lime to my water (squeezing it in a bottle), to add some extra flavor to the water.

Look, as much as I love water, it can be boring without some added flavors. Now, you can add any type of fruit you want to this Aqua Fruit Infusion bottle like: strawberries, lemon, lime, blueberries and kiwi to make your water taste even better. Plus, with all this extra added flavor, without added chemicals or man made sugar, you will become healthier in no time.

**In full disclosure: I was given this product to try out and write my honest opinion about.**

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

This is an awesome Selfie, Tripod, Stick that you just have to use..

This is a pretty cool product. My girls love it and were putting my phone on the stick yesterday, using the tripod of course, and taking photos and videos on themselves with my phone. I am still figuring out how to use the remove control, but this is one of those products you never think you will need, until you find out that you really do not want hold your phone while taking selfie's of yourself, family and or friends.

Yeah, I am quite impressed with this product and I suggest other selfie fanatics use this as well.

**In full disclosure: I was given this product to try out and write an objective review on**

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Oh how I love a new set of paint art brushes

Oh I was so excited to receive this cube craft art brush set. It is always nice to have a new set of art brushes that have not been used by anyone else in my home. These art brushes are amazing! The set comes with 15 art brushes in these shapes and sizes:

Filbert Brush - Sizes 9, 4
Angle Brush - Sizes 12, 10, 5, 2
Round Brush - Sizes 8, 7, 3, 1, 1/0
Flat Brush - Sizes 11, 6
Fan Brush – Size 0
Rigger Brush – Size 3/0

The brushes I tend to use the most are the Round Brush, Flat Brush and Angle Brush. But, with this amazing new art brush set, I totally intend to use all of them.

The first painting I intend to do is either a sunset or a flower. These are fun to paint and it will be nice with this new set of art brushes.

**In full disclosure: these art brushes were given to me in exchange of an unbiased review.**

I love this Organic Premium Cocoa more than any food....

Oh this is really great. It tastes just like real cocoa should taste. So far, I have added 2 tablespoons to 3 tablespoons of real sugar to my coffee mug. I just love this and plan to use it for cooking, baking of course, drinking.. This is a must cooking item for any family, or business, that wants to eat, or drink, excellent cocoa. Yes, I highly recommend using this product for any cooking or baking purpose.

**In full disclosure, I was given this delicious cocoa to try out and write an unbiased review on.**

Thursday, August 6, 2015

If You Love Ice, You Will Love This Ice Cube Rubber Mold

Alright, one of my twins just loves ice. She loves to eat it and put it in all her drinks. Now, before being given this ice cube mold to try out, my one twin, well my other twin and hubby too, had to use more than one ice cube from our ice cube maker.

This new ice cube mold now allows both my twins, hubby and yes, even me, to use one BIG ice cube. This is awesome and it does not take up any space in the freezer either. I also like this ice cube mold because I can use the water I want to, i.e., not city water.

**In full disclosure: I was given this ice cube mold to use and write about.** I enjoy using this though and I would have bought it anyway.


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sketch Artists or Those Who Like to Draw, Will Like This Odyssey Sketchbook

Well, I am always looking for a great sketchbook to draw whatever I see in my mind or around me. Right now, I am beginning to write a small book on guess I began to draw something below that I might use in my book.

Yes, I am not that much of an artist, even though in my mind, I think I am..ha ha ha..

Who knows, I might use this image, or make it better... Yeah, I am sure I can make this image below better, but the sketchbook for drawing is amazing. The paper this semi thick and there is a pocket on the left hand side of the book when opened up.

I highly recommend this sketchbook to any and all artists out there.

**In full disclosure, I was given this sketchbook to use and write.**

Monday, August 3, 2015

Strong Paracord Bracelets are the Best..

This is really an awesome Paracord Survival Bracelet. The bracelet itself, is thick and will not easily be torn if rubbed against a tree or rock. The compass looks like what a compass should look like and works as it should as well.

This bracelet can be used for walking around the neighborhood to going in hikes, bike riding or anything that requires knowing where one is, or has been. It is always good to have a notebook to write down where one has been, or going to, so one does not get lost. I highly recommend this product.

**This Paracord Survivial Bracelet was given to me to test out, then write about.**

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