Friday, August 28, 2015

Apple Slices are Cut Better with an Apple Slicer

 Oh I love apples. They can be either sweet or tart. I like both these flavors. My favorite apple, of all apples though, is the Pink Lady. Oh it tastes like candy and is not around year round.

With this said, when eating any apple, I highly suggest you cut it into slices. Eating apple slices is a fun way to share your apple with family and friends and is great for dipping into any sauce. 

Cutting apples into slices, with this Johnny Apple Slicer also saves on letting any apple go to waste because when biting into a full apple, it is more likely to not be eaten right away. It is highly likely a full apple will be placed down on a table, with all intents of the person eating the apple, to come back and finish it off.

When an apple is cut into slices, it makes eating an apple quicker and easier to share with family and friends. Also, either before, or after cutting an apple, it can be peeled if a person so desires.

Looking for a healthy snack is right at your fingertips when using the Johnny Apple Slicer to make eating an apple fun and easy to share.

 **In full disclosure: this product was given to me in exchange for a fair and honest opinion.**

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