Thursday, August 6, 2015

If You Love Ice, You Will Love This Ice Cube Rubber Mold

Alright, one of my twins just loves ice. She loves to eat it and put it in all her drinks. Now, before being given this ice cube mold to try out, my one twin, well my other twin and hubby too, had to use more than one ice cube from our ice cube maker.

This new ice cube mold now allows both my twins, hubby and yes, even me, to use one BIG ice cube. This is awesome and it does not take up any space in the freezer either. I also like this ice cube mold because I can use the water I want to, i.e., not city water.

**In full disclosure: I was given this ice cube mold to use and write about.** I enjoy using this though and I would have bought it anyway.


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