Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sketch Artists or Those Who Like to Draw, Will Like This Odyssey Sketchbook

Well, I am always looking for a great sketchbook to draw whatever I see in my mind or around me. Right now, I am beginning to write a small book on guess what...my twins..so I began to draw something below that I might use in my book.

Yes, I am not that much of an artist, even though in my mind, I think I am..ha ha ha..

Who knows, I might use this image, or make it better... Yeah, I am sure I can make this image below better, but the sketchbook for drawing is amazing. The paper this semi thick and there is a pocket on the left hand side of the book when opened up.

I highly recommend this sketchbook to any and all artists out there.

**In full disclosure, I was given this sketchbook to use and write.**

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