Monday, September 14, 2015

Oh, I just love wearing hats, especially hats ladies wore from the 1900s-1960s.

Yes, it is about time ladies began wearing hats again. Let's show how beautiful we can be wearing hats and going back in time to when a women was a women. That is right, to a time when ladies knew how to dress well, from head to toe, and speak in a proper manner as well.

As I "get older", I look at the way women, and men, used to dress. Albeit, there were not that many choices for men and women to wear clothing wise up until the late 1960s, but for some reason, it was in this decade when our clothing styles changed, and it was not all for the better.

 The way woman and men used to dress, it showed, at least on the outside, how much they wanted to be respected, or adored, by their family, friends and onlookers. Today, it seems our society is in a free for all, or anything goes, style.

It is time for our society to go, back in time, fashion wise, at least, to begin dressing in a manner that will have ourselves looking as if we know what true fashion is about and how to keep our private parts, private.

 Let's start at the head, wearing amazing hats like this one, and going down to the rest of our bodies, dressing to match the hats we wear.

Men and women used to always look well put together and it instantly gave of an aura of respect, where one deserved it or not.

Dressing in such a lovely manner does not have to cost an arm and a leg either.

Indeed, this is something to think about and share with your family and friends alike.

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