Monday, September 28, 2015

The Jumbo Lemon Juicer by BTipsy is Something Every Kitchen and Restaurant Needs

The use of lemon in a food or drink recipe is very popular today. Lemon just brings out the sweet, yet tart, flavor of any recipe. This Jumbo Lemon Juicer is great to use because it keeps the lemon seeds out of any food or drink recipe.

Ever since receiving this product, I have used it to add lemon, and lime, juice to my dinners and drinks. It is super easy to use and there is no need to squeeze the lemon with your hands anymore or even use a small juicing product. 

Plus, this hand lemon juicer is not messy and cleans up real easy as well. Everyone who loves to cook, bake and make their favorite drinks, will want to have this product in their kitchen or restaurant.

Right here, I am squeezing lemon juice into my smoothie drink and it is fun to use as well. Like I have stated above, this is a must have product to have in your kitchen or restaurant. It is small and does not require electricity either. It is win-win product to use anywhere.

In full disclosure: This product was given to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. 

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