Monday, February 15, 2016

This Diffuser is Wonderful

Ever since using essential oils, I have also used diffuser's.  The Smiley Daisy Aroma Diffuser comes with an A/C adapter, measuring cup and operation manual. This diffuser is the perfect size and stays on for 6 to 7 hours with an automatic shut off safety system when waterless protects the product from being burned out.

Along with allowing for 6 to 7 hours of running time, this diffuser will increases the air moisture in your home, or individual room, for easier breathing also a relief of cough, cold, and flu symptoms. If you are having problems sleeping, relieving stress, anxiety or tension,this diffuser will also allow you to have less nasal congestion, sinus irritation and so much more.

Using one, or more, diffusers in your home, or office, will allow for instant relaxation through aromatherapy with essential oils, the oils are sold separately,  and fun color changing LED lights.

 Finally, this diffuser comes with a  whisper-quiet  2.4 MHZ advanced ultrasonic technology, without any interference with your work or sleep. Nothing could be better in your home than this Smiley Daisy Aroma Diffuser.

**In full disclosure: This product was given to me in exchange for writing an article and sharing with social media.**

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