Wednesday, March 2, 2016

These Liquid Chalk Markers Are So Much Fun

As much as regular chalk is fun, these liquid chalk markers, by Create With Kassa, are so much better.  These are premium bistro liquid chalks 8 Fluorescent chalk pens. These liquid chalk pens are great to use because they are also non-toxic and the tip is reversible to a 6mm bullet tip or a 4mm chisel tip. 

When purchasing these liquid chalk markers, it is important to remember they are not to be used on any porous surface. If they are, the writing will not be easy to remove. Therefore, it is always best to use these liquid chalk markers on these surfaces: glass, windows, varnished wood, appliances, whiteboards and now, chalkboard vinyl.

These are great to use on a classroom whiteboard instead of always using one color. They are fun and will brighten up the classroom and kids, well my kids, love using these on their vinyl chalkboards and they love writing on their bedroom windows.

So, there is no time like the present to begin creating fun and excitement with Create With Kassa.

**Finally, these liquid chalk markers were given to me in exchange for an honest review.**

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