Thursday, March 3, 2016

This is the Chalkboard of all Chalkboards

Okay, so not a lot of people use chalkboards anymore, but when they buy this type of chalkboard and see how they are able to cut it into sizes and shapes for their particular need, they will wonder what took so long for such a product to be created. This Create With Kassa Chalkboard Vinyl is so much fun and my girls will love using it.

Yes, I will allow them to stick this to the back of their room doors and use the liquid chalk markers on it to write their to do lists, homework to be completed, chores to be done around the home and so on.

 Not only is this chalkboard vinyl great for homes, but anyone can use them: school rooms, offices, restaurants, coffee houses, et. al. Oh, this would be so great to use in a coffee house because instead of using those white letters and numbers they might be currently using on those black boards, I think you know what I am talking about. These vinyl chalkboard will stick on the wall so customers can see what can be purchased on the menu. This menu will be easy to wipe off and rewrite as well. I just love new ideas, or inventions, like this to make life a little bit more easier.

When looking for something to give as a gift or even for your own home, the Kassa Chalkboard Vinyl will be the best gift for all the reasons I stated above. So, go our and purchase a Kassa Chalkboard Vinyl today, and don't forget the Liquid Chalk Markers too.

**In full disclosure, this product was given to me for a fair and honest review.**

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