Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Everyone Needs to Have This Veggie Steamer Kit

This is a great little KitchenDeluxeSteamer set. I have been using it for about two weeks now. I love being able to make my veggies look appealing for my family to eat at dinnertime with the Julienne Veggie Peeler Slicer. I always wanted one of these and now, I have one and my girls like using it too. This is a great little device because my girls like seeing the different ways they can create cool looking veggies to eat.

I love that this steamer basket expands and is dishwasher safe as well. When I am done using it and cleaning it, I just place in one of my pots so I can find it easily. Oh, and if you are concerned about any rust, this steamer is rust free and always user friendly. For college students on the go and no time to cook, this is a great gift because they can easily make fun and healthy foods away from home and not worry about eating unhealthy foods.

The best thing about this steamer is, your veggies will not become too soft. In fact, when I steam my veggies, they are a little al dente, just way I like it.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

This is the French Press to use for all occassions

Coffee, of I have more than one cup per day and I have it in various flavors and styles. When I began using this French Press Coffee Maker by Sumatra Dream, I just loved it. First of all, I like that it does not require electricity. Honestly, you never know when one might not have electricity. For those, like myself, who love coffee, it would be aweful to be without my coffee for the day.

This is where owning a French Press comes into play. It is so easy to use, although it may look intimidating, it is not. All you have to do is take off the top, make sure the filter is on the is in place on the top. Then, pour in the amount of coffee, to the desired strength you prefer in the glass bottom of the French Press. Then, pour water, filtered is the best, on top of the coffee grinds and place the top back on the glass container.

The coffee grinds will begin to rise to the top. Now, the important thing to remember is, you do not press down on the top until the coffee grinds rise to the top and wait about 5 minutes before pressing down where the silver filter is in line with the bottom of the press.

After the press is in line with the bottom of the French Press, you are ready to taste the best coffee you will ever have. I love this and have been using this for about two weeks now. If you decide to use a dishwasher for cleaning, you can keep the handle and glass together. This French press is designed for easy cleaning without removing the glass from the plastic holder.

Oh and for those who might be off the grid, this is the coffee maker for you. It is fun watching the coffee being made and remember, no electricity required.

**In full disclosure, this was given to me in exchange for a fair and honest review.**

Monday, September 19, 2016

These are the best earphones I have ever used

These stereo earphones, Audiosharp AS1217, are really awesome. I have use these everyday when I am walking, doing things around my home or sometimes going to sleep at night. These earphones are great because they are small and fit great in my ears. They never fall out and they have a solid metal casing. If you are a fan of surround sound, these are the earphones you will want as well.

Yeah, these are the most amazing earphones I have ever used and take them with me wherever I go. These are a must have, especially if you want surround sound which is always important if you want to listen to your music, talk shows, TV shows or movies on the go.

**In full disclosure, I was given these amazing earphones in exchange for a fair and honest review.**

Monday, September 12, 2016

Take Your Next Shower or Bath with a Luxurious Shower Bouquet Loofah

I am always looking for a big, soft and squishy shower/bath loofah. Well, recently I was asked to try out these amazing shower loofah's by this company, #showerbouquet. Let me tell you, I have never used a shower/bath loofah like this one. As I was opening the plastic bag they were contained in, the scent and touch of the loofah but a smile across my face. These loofah's are the best I have ever used.

All I do is add one, or two, drops of my favorite shower soap the loofah and begin cleaning my arms, face and so forth. These loofah's as big and lather rather quickly with the luxurious, mesh like  & lace loofah material. Now is the time to buy these shower loofah's for yourself. Indeed, give your body extra care it needs everyday whether you shower or bathe.

You'll love the exfoliating touch and it gives you the feeling you are at a spa everyday you shower or bathe with a Shower Bouquet Loofah.
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